Dubai World Central ties up with Dubai municipality for latest GIS technology

Dubai World Central (DWC), a colossal 140sq km urban aviation community presently under construction in Jebel Ali, will be able to speed up its construction, thanks to a tie-up with the Dubai Municipality's state-of-the-art Geographical Information Systems (GIS) department, which will provide it with futuristic e-mapping technology.

Real time aerial and satellite images along with GPS coordinates will enable DWC staff and contractors to minutely identify utility services, urban land plans and land use blueprints within the massive development centred around the upcoming Dubai World Central International Airport (JXB), scheduled to be the world's largest.

Currently, JXB's first runway is nearing completion. Work is underway on the cargo terminal, the passenger terminal, the Dubai logistics city headquarters and office park, roads and other infrastructure.

Dubai Municipality's e-MAP gateway will provide global positioning system (GPS) coordinates of all DWC sites. Besides, government resources and the close coordination of government departments in infrastructure planning means that DWC will comply with the highest level of safety and environmental consciousness.

The GIS department will host all geographical data for DWC on dedicated high performance servers, and allow data access using the latest data retrieval technology, in addition to providing satellite images. With the current real estate and property boom, DWC's real estate division will get the most current information for onsite development and planning, enabling contractors to speed up construction activity.