Barack Obama's US citizenship challenged news
04 December 2008

A non-profit group called 'We The People Foundation' headed by anti-tax activist, Robert Schulz of New York, along with several other individuals all over the US, has raised questions whether President-elect Barack Obama is indeed a natural born US citizen in order to be the president of the US, as stipulated by the US constitution.

They have also questioned the authenticity of Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate, with the foundation running a series of ads raising doubts about Obama's citizenship and whether his birth certificate is authentic.

The issue has already become a subject of controversy as nearly two dozen cases have been filed in the US courts in recent weeks, including at least two in the US Supreme Court. In some instances, these lawsuits have already been thrown out of courts in several states.

The controversy stems from accusations being made that Obama was born in Kenya and not Hawaii as stated in his election campaign. The non-profit group says that it has in its possession a transcript of a long-distance phone interview conducted in Swahili and English by Obama's paternal grandmother, Sarah Hussein Obama, in her Kenyan home in October.

She is supposed to have stated in the interview that she was present during Barack Obama's birth in Mombasa while Obama had claimed he was born in Hawaii and his campaign team had posted the official birth certificate issued in Hawaii on the internet.

Officials in Hawaii confirmed having seen the birth certificate and have vouched for its authenticity. The original records are said top be stored in the state vault but the authorities have declined to release any more information on the matter.

According to the group, if a child is born in the US, then it automatically qualifies for US citizenship even if the child's parents are not US citizens. If a child is born to an American parent outside the US, then the law at that time required the US citizen parent to be at least 19 years of age, which Obama's mother was not.

This law was later changed for government employees serving abroad and their families.

Obama's birth certificate, which was posted on the internet by his campaign managers does not silence his critics as during the 1960's when Obama was born, Hawaii, which became a new state of the US government, issued many such certificates to infants even though they were not born in Hawaii.

The group also claims that it has in its possession a Indonesian school document in which Obama's citizenship was stated as Indonesian at that time and his birth place as Honolulu, Hawaii.

Obama's team has remained silent when questions were raised about his childhood, during his stay in Indonesia and later on when he travelled to Pakistan. The questions raised was whether he gave up his US citizenship to attend school in Indonesia or did he travel on some other country's passport to Pakistan at a time when US passports were shunned there.

Some constitutional lawyers say, that if it is established that Obama is not a natural born citizen of the US, then he is not eligible for presidency and the problem would be more compounded and will have grave consequences to the US if it was proved after he assumes office.

As several court cases are still waiting admission to the Supreme Court a panel of judges will meet tomorrow to decide whether to admit a case filed by a lawyer in Pennsylvania.

Some cases from Connecticut and New York have also applied for hearings at the US Supreme Court.

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Barack Obama's US citizenship challenged