Soft drinks
Coca-Cola vows to recycle 100% of its containers by 2030
22 January 2018
Asda and Aldi to ban high energy caffeine drinks sale to under 16s
20 January 2018
Drinking 100-per cent fruit juice safe, does not increase blood sugar level: study
20 January 2018
Study points to link between sugary drinks consumption and dementia
03 January 2018
Analysis of new studies confirms sugary drinks' link to obesity
23 December 2017
Energy drinks may affect mental health increase blood pressure
18 November 2017
Identifying ways to minimise the harm of energy drinks
09 October 2017
Cook county to repeal soda tax next week
07 October 2017
PAI Partners tables new €1.6-bn bid for Dutch bottler Refresco
04 October 2017
Costly bottled water as mediocre as tap water: reports
18 September 2017
Coke to widen offerings in bid to make India No3 market
01 September 2017
Suit claims Nestle’s Poland Spring Water is a ‘colossal fraud’
18 August 2017
Coca-Cola’s recycled plastic bottles slammed by environmental groups
13 July 2017
Illinois judge blocks implementation tax on carbonated drinks
01 July 2017
Energy drinks may not be good for health: Report
28 April 2017
Is soda bad for your brain? (and is diet soda worse?)
21 April 2017
Cherry Coke special edition cans in China to carry cartoon rendering of Warren Buffett
04 April 2017
Energy drinks mask alcohol's effects, increase injury risk
22 March 2017
Cola industry seeks differential rates of GST to ease tax burden
18 March 2017
Bottled water beats carbonated soft-drinks in volume sales in 2016, tops in beverage category
14 March 2017
Colas lose fizz in Tamil Nadu amidst state-wide boycott
01 March 2017
France bars restaurants from offering free soda, sugary drink refills
28 January 2017
Coca Cola to buy AB InBev’s majority stake in Coca-Cola Beverages Africa for $3.15 bn
21 December 2016
UK teenagers consume sugary drinks equivalent of a bathtub on average in a year: Study
28 November 2016
‘Diet’ colas may actually stop you from losing weight: study
26 November 2016
Dr Pepper Snapple to acquire antioxidant drinks maker Bai for $1.7 bn
23 November 2016
PepsiCo to buy sparkling probiotic drinks maker KeVita
23 November 2016
HC stops Coke, Pepsi from getting Tamirabarani river water
22 November 2016
Ginger beer worse for health than Coke: Study
16 November 2016
Beverages with less than 10% fruit content do not qualify as fruit juices: FSSAI
09 November 2016
Voters in four US cities to decide on taxes on sugary drinks
05 November 2016
Cola giants get big boost in Andhra Pradesh
03 November 2016
Dr Pepper Snapple Group in talks to buy antioxidant beverage company Bai Brands
27 October 2016
PepsiCo to cut sugar content in range of soft drinks
17 October 2016
PepsiCo close to buying probiotic drinks company KeVita
15 October 2016
Coke, Pepsi funding health research, yet fighting reforms
14 October 2016
Coca-Cola to buy AB InBev's stake in Africa's biggest Coke bottler
12 October 2016
Pepsico rejects charges against Naked Juice as “baseless”
10 October 2016
Coke, Pepsi rebut reports of unsafe metals in their PET bottles
07 October 2016
Energy drinks could heighten risk of drink driving, study warns
30 September 2016
San Francisco to vote on tax on sugary drinks
29 September 2016
Mexico’s Coca-Cola Femsa to buy Brazilian Coke bottler Vonpar for $1.08 bn
26 September 2016
Baba Ramdev, RSS lobbying for ‘sin tax’ on Coke, Pepsi: report
17 September 2016
Soda tax linked to drop in sugary beverage drinking
24 August 2016
Coca-Cola halts Dasna plant in UP amidst pollution probe
20 August 2016
Consumer group accuses UK supermarkets of promoting obesity with ‘special offers’ on fizzy drinks
05 August 2016
‘Selfie culture’ hurting sales of colas, candies in rural India
13 July 2016
Sales slump makes Pepsi bring back aspartame
28 June 2016
Ambev SA to buy Brazilian beverage producer Do Bem
27 April 2016
Diet Coke, Coke Zero to regain splash of original red
21 April 2016
Pepsi launches 150 ml can, set for marketing blitz
14 March 2016
Health drink proves its claim to help Alzheimer’s patients
12 March 2016
PepsiCo inks pact with Maharashtra to use local fruits
17 February 2016
Coca-Cola acquires 40% stake in Nigerian juice and snack maker Chi Ltd
01 February 2016
Coke, Pepsi funded research exonerating diet sodas
19 January 2016
Coke, Pepsi unhappy at being clubbed with tobacco for ‘sin tax’
12 December 2015
Eighteen villages in Varanasi want local Coca-Cola plant shut
28 November 2015
Coke under fire for funding non-profit health outfit
25 November 2015
One energy drink may increase heart disease risk in young adults
16 November 2015
University of Colorado returns $1-mn to Coca-Cola
07 November 2015
Aion invests Rs 600 crore in Varun Beverages
10 October 2015
PepsiCo, BCCI in talks to avoid snapping ties
10 October 2015
Soda tax boosts retail prices of sugary drinks: study
07 October 2015
Can that cola: soft drinks hazardous to health
01 October 2015
Coca-Cola to sell nine US production facilities to independent bottlers
25 September 2015
Coke funding research to downplay colas' role in US' obesity epidemic
10 August 2015
Tesco to stop selling popular sugary children’s drinks
29 July 2015
Tesco to stop selling popular sugary children’s drinks
27 July 2015
Doctors join call for sugar tax on drinks
13 July 2015
Do energy drinks pose a health risk?
30 June 2015
NBA drops Coke, signs up Pepsi as exclusive beverage
15 April 2015
New study points to possible carcinogen in soda
23 February 2015
Coke introduces premium milk drink with more protein
04 February 2015
Coke raises sexism storm by using cheesecake to sell milk
02 December 2014
SABMiller Plc, Coca-Cola to merge soft drinks bottling operations in Africa
27 November 2014
Coca-Cola to invest $500 mn in Indonesia to expand Amatil
30 October 2014
Coca-Cola plans to cuts costs by $3 bn a year
22 October 2014
PepsiCo earnings beat forecast as India sales grow in double digits
13 October 2014
Modi wants Coke, Pepsi to add a bit of fruit juice in their fizzies
25 September 2014
Coke launches sugar-free beverage Coca-Cola Zero in India
20 September 2014
Coca-Cola to pay $2.15 bn for 16.7% stake in Monster Beverage
16 August 2014
Starbucks in talks to buy minority stake in Israel’s SodaStream
24 April 2014
US Supreme Court trashes Coke’s description of its juice as being real
22 April 2014
Coca-Cola posts better-than-expected quarterly revenue
16 April 2014
Coke’s biggest bottling arm in India posts lowest sales in 3 years
10 February 2014
GMCR to market Coke beverages after 10% stake sale for $1.25 bn
06 February 2014
Coke seeks better growth in India with $20-bn investment plan
23 December 2013
Work begins on PepsiCo's Rs1,200-cr plant in Andhra
21 December 2013
Coca-Cola to split North American business in two
13 December 2013
India strong enough to support PepsiCo’s growth: Indra Nooyi
16 November 2013
GSK in talks to sell Lucozade, Ribena soft drinks to Suntory
06 September 2013
British soft drink makers Britvic and AG Barr terminate merger
12 July 2013
Coca-Cola to introduce 250 ml cans
08 July 2013
Environmental group finds unacceptable levels of carcinogen in Pepsi
06 July 2013
PepsiCo in talks to buy Israel's SodaStream for $2 bn: report
06 June 2013
Coca-Cola to spend $2 bn on new orange groves in Florida
08 May 2013
US judge strikes down ban on sugary drinks
12 March 2013
Coca-Cola faces consumer lawsuit over mis-labelling Orange Juice
02 March 2013
British regulator stymies $2.2-bn Britvic - A G Barr merger
15 February 2013
Rising demand pushes up revenues 4.8 per cent at Pepsi's UK unit Britvic
24 January 2013
PepsiCo to double potato procurement in India
06 December 2012
Coca-Cola Hellenic to exit Greece, seek UK, US listing
12 October 2012
Britvic-Barr merger faces no threat from rival bidder: Analysts
07 September 2012
PepsiCo follows arch rival Coca Cola to Myanmar
11 August 2012
Coca-Cola to invest $5-bn in India
26 June 2012
Coca Cola to resume business in Myanmar after 60 years
15 June 2012
Coca-Cola Amatil in deal with global brewers
15 May 2012
Japanese brewer Asahi to acquire local soft drinks giant Calpis for $1.5 bn
08 May 2012
Coca-Cola sales beat analysts estimates as sales soar in India, elsewhere
19 April 2012
Resignation-hit Pepsico rejigs top Indian management
22 March 2012
US FDA dismisses claims of cancer risk from colas
06 March 2012
Tata-Pepsi JV NourishCo launches enriched water
09 February 2012
Coca-Cola posts $1.65 billion net income for Q4
08 February 2012
Kraft Foods and Israel’s SodaStream enter into co-branding deal
06 January 2012
Coke moves secret formula to its own vault
09 December 2011
Coca-Cola to invest $2 bn in India over the next five years
14 November 2011
Starbucks expands into juices with Evolution Fresh acquisition
11 November 2011
PepsiCo acquires Brazil's cookie and cracker producer Grupo Mabel
11 November 2011
Pepsi launches limited-edition Diwali cans , PET bottles
27 October 2011
Dabur enters Sri Lanka with fruit-based beverages venture
27 September 2011
Japan’s Asahi to buy Charlie’s in New Zealand, P&N's water, juice business in Australia
05 July 2011
Del Monte launches new fruit-based drink in India
21 April 2011
Coke in no rush to hike prices despite inflation
11 January 2011
PepsiCo is Russia's biggest foods firm with Wimm-Bill-Dann deal
29 December 2010
Russian watchdog to approve $3.8-bn PepsiCo-WBD deal
28 December 2010
JMJ Group’s energy drink subsidiary eyes 30% market share in 2011-12
07 December 2010
PepsiCo to acquire majority stake in Russia’s Wimm-Bill-Dann for $5.4-billion
02 December 2010
SC quashes ‘pesticide’ plaint against PepsiCo; flays government
19 November 2010
Kerala official in the dock over pro-Coke comment
26 May 2010
PepsiCo to invest $2.5-billion in China
22 May 2010
Coke to add apple, mixed fruit juice to 'Minute Maid' range
28 April 2010
PepsiCo Q1 net profit up 26 per cent at $1.43 billion
22 April 2010
Limca unveils summer campaign ‘Splash of freshness’
13 April 2010
Coca-Cola raises stake in UK’s Innocent Drinks to 58 per cent
10 April 2010
Tata Tea, PepsiCo in beverages alliance
09 April 2010
Coca-Cola unveils new Fanta summer campaign, ‘Dikhao apne asli rang’
23 March 2010
Kerala government panel damns Coca-Cola's Plachimada operations
22 March 2010
Motor-bikes up for grabs in the new Thums Up campaign
05 March 2010
Coca-Cola in talks to acquire part of its largest bottler for $12 billion: report
26 February 2010
India, China sales boost Coca-Cola Q4 net 5 per cent
10 February 2010
Coca-Cola eyes Russian juice maker Nidan Soki: report
22 January 2010
Coca-cola launches Minute Maid Nimbu Fresh
18 January 2010
Pepsico allowed to raise stake in Indian arm by $200 million
09 January 2010
Coca cola enters premium energy drinks sector with Burn
09 December 2009
Coca-Cola rebrands global juice brand portfolio
19 November 2009
PepsiCo board to meet in India for the first time
04 November 2009
Oz state government moves to bar high caffeine drinks marketed as health drinks to children
04 September 2009
PepsiCo and Pepsi Bottling to invest $1 billion in Russia
07 July 2009
Coca Cola launches international television commercial
13 June 2009
Pepsi's to double Indian investments in 2009
02 June 2009
Coke buoyant on growth; to focus on beer segment
23 May 2009
Dr Pepper Snapple Q1 earnings rise 39 per cent on gains
14 May 2009
Pepsi sues PBG over poison-pill tactics
12 May 2009
Appy Fizz and Grappo Fizz using online medium to promote itself
11 May 2009
Pepsi Bottling Group says Pepsi’s $4.2 billion takeover proposal has no fizz
05 May 2009
Coca-Cola keen on at least minority stake in Huiyuan Juice: report
24 April 2009
Coca-Cola launches online social media campaign
21 April 2009
US Pepsi reports 9 per cent decline in revenue
21 April 2009
Pepsi offers to buy out its two bottlers for about $6 billion
20 April 2009
New round of Cola Wars begins with Pepsi suing Coke over sports drink claims
14 April 2009
Innocent-Coke tie up raises eyebrows
07 April 2009
Australian regulators haul up coke for misleading ads
02 April 2009
‘Maa’ fruit drink creative goes to Bates 141
27 March 2009
China’s knockout punch to Coke may floor Chinalco in Australia
20 March 2009
China defends refusing Coke deal
19 March 2009
Thums Up rolls out digital initiative
18 March 2009
China trips Coke on Huiyuan Juice acquisition
18 March 2009
Frooti relaunched
17 March 2009
Cola war heats up in China with Coca-Cola’s new $2-billion investment plans
07 March 2009
PepsiCo launches Nimbooz
05 March 2009
Coca-Cola launches new Relentless variant drink
04 March 2009
Coca Cola ropes in cricketer Gautam Gambhir as brand ambassador
24 February 2009
Coke bottler reports $4.4-billion annual loss
12 February 2009
Coca-Cola launches Fanta Apple in India
03 February 2009
Coke unveils new marketing strategy
31 January 2009
PepsiCo unveils high-voltage online campaign for new drink
23 January 2009
Coca-Cola faces class-action lawsuit over drink’s nutritional claims
16 January 2009
Coca-Cola to unveil a new global ad campaign
15 January 2009
PepsiCo to revamp Tropicana advertising, marketing and packaging in the US
10 January 2009
FDA hauls Coca-Cola for "misbranding"
27 December 2008
Beckham gives up Pepsi contract
27 December 2008
Cadbury sells Australian drinks business for $808 million
24 December 2008
Coca-Cola enters flavoured-water category
22 December 2008
Pepsi's launches new televsion advertising
16 December 2008
Coca-Cola Amtel fails to realise bid's real value: Lion Nathan
19 November 2008
Lion Nathan makes $4.9-billion abortive bid for Coca-Cola Amatil
17 November 2008
Pepsi to invest $1 billion in China
04 November 2008
PepsiCo launches new energy drink
24 October 2008
New Coke ad highlights the essence of Diwali
21 October 2008
Pepsi may rebrand Tropicana in the UK
18 October 2008
Pepsi to axe 3,300 jobs, shut six plants
15 October 2008
Coke's new on-the-go packaging innovation with new Sprite Xpress
03 October 2008
Parle Agro presents the New Look Appy Fizz
11 September 2008
Coke pulls-off biggest ever acquisition of Chinese firm with $2.4-billion buy of Huiyuan Juice
04 September 2008
PepsiCo, Pepsi Bottling buy 75 per cent in Russian juice leader JSC Lebedyansky for $1.4 billion
29 August 2008
A multinational CEO's press meet leaves a refreshingly different flavour
24 December 2007
PepsiCo to launch milk, soya drinks: Indra Nooyi
24 December 2007
Pepsi India''s Twister comes without a twist
25 October 2007
From Maxtouch to Orange to Hutch to Vodafone, but Coke still bets on the Orange; Fanta has a new ad campaign
22 September 2007
Coca-Cola rolls out major juice brand ‘Minute Maid’
04 September 2007
Coca-Cola India launches coke-flavoured milk
20 August 2007
PepsiCo to take 76 per cent in top Russian beverage maker Lebedyansky
13 August 2007
Cadbury's to de-merge beverages business split
02 August 2007
Indian New Yorker sues Cadbury over ‘all natural’ Snapple
07 July 2007
Coke weighing Cadbury''s Snapple acquisition
06 July 2007
Tata eyeing Cadbury`s Snapple
30 June 2007
CFL gives clean chit to Pepsi, Coke on
07 June 2007
Coca-Cola acquires Glaceau for $4.1
25 May 2007
Tata Tea to get $1.2 billion as Coke
25 May 2007
Coke eyes market for fruit juices, energy drinks
12 March 2007
Kerala government weighing legal options as HC quashes cola ban
22 September 2006
Pepsi to cash in on cricket mania
12 September 2006
Expert committee punches holes in CSE`s pesticide report
22 August 2006
Rasna storms the cola market with Rasna Vanilla Cola Cola
29 June 2004
Qibla Cola invited to present at UK soft drinks conference
06 May 2004
Pepsi launches summer initiative for 7UP consumers
28 April 2004
HC stays order on Pepsico licence cancellation
24 April 2004
Coke may stop operations in Kerala
23 April 2004
Coke may sign up Mammootty: But he’s thanda…
23 March 2004
Kerala Government urged to review decision on coke plant
23 March 2004
Pepsi to increase capacity
08 March 2004
PepsiCo, Coca-Cola target for all-round increased consumption
30 December 2003
Coke to form council on environment
18 December 2003
Mountain Dew dudes are back
13 October 2003
Tender-coconut water brand Elaneer a threat to Pepsi, Coke
13 October 2003
Tender-coconut water brand Elaneer a threat to Pepsi, Coke
13 October 2003
Coke samples: Pollution Control Board gives contradictory results
03 October 2003
Kerala pollution board says Coke sludge is not hazardous
30 September 2003
Pepsi forays into new business with Aquafina Bulk Water
29 September 2003
Coca-Cola faces ire as Kerala Maoist group ransacks go-down
31 August 2003
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Limca, nine other soft drinks clean: CFTRI
29 August 2003
Cola controversy: Govt sets up 15-member JPC; Pawar to head
23 August 2003
Colas meet Indian norms
22 August 2003
Coke welcomes positive results by Kerala health department
14 August 2003
After fizz, fizzle
10 August 2003
Coca-Cola welcomes rejection of lawsuit in Hyderabad HC
09 August 2003
Kerala to scrap Coca-Cola plant if samples found adulterated
09 August 2003
All our soft drink products are of world-class quality : Pepsi
07 August 2003
BIS to meet on groundwater
07 August 2003
KPCB confirms toxic levels in sludge samples from Coke plant
07 August 2003
Coke, Pepsi contain cocktail of pesticide residues, claims CSE
06 August 2003
Cola rivals show solidarity
06 August 2003
Red wrath for Coke in green Kerala
06 August 2003
Gupta is new Coca-Cola chief
30 June 2003
Seasoned flavours
06 June 2003
Rasna''s energy drink Juc-Up launched in Indian markets
10 May 2003
Qibla Cola Company launches new alternative product range
29 April 2003
Coca-Cola in a quagmire as CPI(M), Janata Dal lock horns
26 April 2003
HC seeks explanation on Coke bottling plant renewal licence
24 April 2003
Cola price war goes to another level; Coke, Pepsi slug it out
16 April 2003
Rasna launches sachet priced at Re 1; plans national expansion
25 March 2003
The real coco cola in pouches and cans, thanks to DFRL, CDB
04 March 2003
Govt withdraws ISI marking of Bisleri, Pepsi after BIS raids
20 February 2003
Pepsi’s World Cup Ke Shikari TV spot goes on air from 1 February
01 February 2003
Water wars
29 January 2003
HLL, Pepsi forge alliance to offer a slew of hot, cold beverages
17 January 2003
PepsiCo introduces Mountain Dew in 500ml, 300ml glass bottles
17 January 2003
Coca-Cola to set up tender coconut water manufacturing unit
16 January 2003
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