Social media
Facebook testing new feature to host city-specific local news
11 January 2018
German security researchers say WhatsApp group chats not secure
11 January 2018
Revellers in India bring down WhatsApp in New Year
01 January 2018
John McAfee claims his Twitter account hacked
30 December 2017
US Library of Congress to stop collecting each and every tweet
27 December 2017
France gives Facebook 30 days to stop harvesting user data
19 December 2017
Facebook to start booking advertising revenue in countries where it is earned
13 December 2017
Social media sites tearing society apart, says former Facebook exec
12 December 2017
WhatsApp set to introduce several new features soon
11 December 2017
YouTube to crack down on abusive videos targeting children
05 December 2017
Facebook to open new London office
04 December 2017
Google, Facebook under Australian competition body’s scanner
04 December 2017
Google sued in UK for ‘illegally’ mining data from iPhones
02 December 2017
Man who deleted Trump’s Twitter account emerges from closet
30 November 2017
European data laws bar use of Facebook's suicide-prevention tool
30 November 2017
Facebook to enable users to know if they were exposed to anti-Hillary Russian propaganda
23 November 2017
Sebi to probe possible leak of company info on WhatsApp chats: report
17 November 2017
Deleted WhatsApp messages can still be read
16 November 2017
Not just US: massive Russian meddling in Brexit vote bared
16 November 2017
Delhi air quality worsens again; #smog top trend on social media
14 November 2017
Facebook to fight revenge porn using specially trained professional reviewers
13 November 2017
Facebook's founder president Sean Parker says social network exploits vulnerability in human psychology
10 November 2017
Texas shooting: Google spread misinformation, conspiracy theories
07 November 2017
WhatsApp service restored after brief outage
04 November 2017
Twitter employee deactivates President Trump’s Twitter account
04 November 2017
Facebook, Twitter, Google unveil extent of Russian meddling
02 November 2017
Apple’s Cook, Facebook’s Zuckerberg meet President Xi in Beijing
31 October 2017
WhatsApp introduces Delete for Everyone feature
30 October 2017
Facebook's relocation of Page posts causes drop of 60 to 80% referral traffic
24 October 2017
Twitter to crack down on abuse, hatred, sexual harassment
20 October 2017
Social media firms may need to fund measures to tackle online harm
11 October 2017
Facebook rolls out its Messenger Lite app to users in US, UK, Canada and Ireland
03 October 2017
Twitter reveals links to hundreds of Russian-backed bot accounts
29 September 2017
Mark Zuckerberg hits back at Trump's “always anti-Trump” comment
28 September 2017
Twitter to double character limit to 280
28 September 2017
Chinese authorities crack down on WhatsApp ahead of major Communist Party congress
26 September 2017
Zuckerberg announces broad changes to Facebook’s political ad policies
22 September 2017
Facebook says Kremlin-linked group bought ads during 2016 presidential elections
18 September 2017
Whatsapp to roll out delete message feature: report
13 September 2017
WhatsApp rolls out picture-in-picture video calls to all users
09 September 2017
NHS England warns staff and terror attack victims of risks of using social media
09 September 2017
Thousands of pro-Trump ads linked to Russian accounts: Facebook
07 September 2017
Why many Russians have gladly agreed to online censorship
07 September 2017
WhatsApp hit with global outage for brief period
02 September 2017
Human population of 23 nations now fully mapped by Facebook
02 September 2017
YouTube redesigns mobile app and logo
30 August 2017
Facebook makes it simpler to see if friends are safe in a crisis
22 August 2017
Facebook working on developing augmented reality (AR) glasses: report
21 August 2017
LinkedIn loses data scraping case against startup hiQ
16 August 2017
Facebook’s secret Chinese app fails to win support
14 August 2017
Emigres rule as Facebook tops in per-employee profit
07 August 2017
Google said to have expressed interest in buying Snap for $30-bn last year
05 August 2017
Facebook adds to “Related Articles” feature to crack down on fake news
04 August 2017
Facebook's forthcoming changes to News Feed to favour web sites that load faster
03 August 2017
Facebook posts $3.89 bn Q2 profit as mobile ad revenues swell
27 July 2017
WhatsApp now has 1 billion daily active users
27 July 2017
Google search results and map tools to now feature SOS Alerts
26 July 2017
Fact-checking website Snopes says it may be forced to close down
25 July 2017
Facebook acquires Source3 to crack down on pirated videos
25 July 2017
Facebook could be working on a smartphone: reports
22 July 2017
LinkedIn launches faster, lighter ‘LinkedIn Lite’
21 July 2017
Survey reveals Instagram most commonly used network for online bullying
20 July 2017
China virtually shuts WhatsApp ahead of leadership rejig
19 July 2017
Fake news: study tests people's ability to detect manipulated images of real-world scenes
19 July 2017
Facebook Messenger rolls out Messenger Lite app in India
13 July 2017
Google, FB up in arms as US seeks to overturn net neutrality
12 July 2017
Federal district court dismisses privacy lawsuit against Facebook
04 July 2017
Twitter working on new feature to flag fake news
01 July 2017
Citizens Advice warns over ‘phantom goods’ scam
30 June 2017
Facebook community now officially 2-bn strong
28 June 2017
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Microsoft in pact to fight terror content
27 June 2017
Google replaces Google Talk with Hangouts
27 June 2017
Google to stop scanning Gmail messages for targeted ads
24 June 2017
Facebook launches anti online-extremism campaign in the UK
23 June 2017
Facebook content moderators running scared after security glitch
17 June 2017
Facebook ramping up AI in bid to be “hostile place” for extremists
16 June 2017
Police in Thailand bust huge click farm
14 June 2017
Instagram worst social media for mental health; Twitter, Facebook follow YouTube as best: study
27 May 2017
Zuckerberg wants Harvard grads to build a world of purpose
26 May 2017
Facebook not willing to delete videos of violent death, self-harm etc
22 May 2017
Twitter suffers major outage
20 May 2017
Facebook fined €150,000 by French regulator for gathering internet user data
18 May 2017
Twitter co-founder 'Biz' Stone to rejoin company
17 May 2017
Facebook to crack down on dubious ads and posts
12 May 2017
Facebook outage hits users in many parts of the world
09 May 2017
Facebook launches UK ad campaign against fake news
08 May 2017
UK government plans to force companies to break encryption: report
06 May 2017
Russia bans Chinese instant messaging app WeChat
06 May 2017
Facebook plans strong push into TV, video content
06 May 2017
US to include social media, email checks in visa scrutiny
05 May 2017
Facebook hiring 3,000 extra staff to curb violent, hate videos
04 May 2017
Fake news and filters aren't fooling internet users
04 May 2017
Facebook likes don't make you feel better
04 May 2017
Leak bares Facebook’s advertising policies
02 May 2017
Instagram hits 700 mn user mark
27 April 2017
Social networking sites banned for a month in Kashmir
27 April 2017
Google ropes in user feedback to help battle fake news
26 April 2017
LinkedIn hits 500 mn members
25 April 2017
It is now a criminal offense to spread rumours on social media.
22 April 2017
Google to introduce ad blocking feature in Chrome browser
20 April 2017
Google, Facebook take steps to blow whistle on fake news
10 April 2017
Twitter fights off demand to identify online Trump critic
08 April 2017
WhatsApp-Facebook data sharing: SC to hear issue on 18 April
06 April 2017
Facebook, Mozilla, others launch $14-mn fund to advance news accuracy
03 April 2017
Irked by anti-government material, Vietnam tells advertisers to boycott social media
17 March 2017
eMarketer cuts Snapchat’s ad revenue by $30 mn
15 March 2017
Snap shares set to debut after $3.4 billion IPO
02 March 2017
How the brain makes articles go viral
01 March 2017
Facebook takes on LinkedIn, with vacany posts on Pages
16 February 2017
Facebook offers outside audit of ad data
13 February 2017
Facebook Lite crosses 200 mn active users mark
10 February 2017
Online media use shows strong genetic influence
09 February 2017
Twitter expanding efforts to protect users from abuse, harassment
08 February 2017
Facebook's Oculus to pay ZeniMax $500 mn for violating ZeniMax NDA
02 February 2017
Twitter publishes FBI letters demanding access to accounts
28 January 2017
Jury hears closing arguments in Zenimax-Facebook battle over VR headset Rift
28 January 2017
Online media use influenced by our genes: study
27 January 2017
Teens who wake up to access social media at night report feeling tired at school: Study
19 January 2017
Privacy breach plea: SC seeks responses from WhatsApp, FB
17 January 2017
Facebook forced by penal threat to test fake news filtering system in Germany
16 January 2017
Facebook testing mid-roll video ads
14 January 2017
BJP media cell pressured Snapdeal to sack Aamir Khan: book
28 December 2016
Indian demands for FB data rise to 6,324 in first half of year
26 December 2016
Messaging app Snapchat acquires Israeli augmented reality start-up Cimagine
26 December 2016
Taking a break from Facebook makes people happy: Danish study
24 December 2016
Facebook received more than 6,000 requests for data from government in first half of 2016
24 December 2016
Feeling blue? Taking a break from Facebook might help
24 December 2016
Facebook to battle fake news with stronger tools
16 December 2016
Facebook in talks for creation of its own original video content
15 December 2016
Legion cracks Twitter accounts of Rahul Gandhi, Mallya, others
13 December 2016
Facebook admits to misreported marketing stats
10 December 2016
European regulator grants conditional approval to Microsoft’s $26.2-bn LinkedIn deal
07 December 2016
Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft launch initiative to remove extremist content
06 December 2016
Twitter accidentally suspends CEO Jack Dorsey's account
23 November 2016
Facebook develops censorship tool to make a comeback in China
23 November 2016
Russia moves to block LinkedIn over violation of law on personal data storage
19 November 2016
Facebook plans $6-bn share buyback in Q1 next year
19 November 2016
Microsoft offers concessions to EU over its $26 bn acquisition of LinkedIn
17 November 2016
Facebook buying stolen passwords – for users’ own good
12 November 2016
Facebook to ban ethnic affinity advertising to target employment, housing and credit-related services
12 November 2016
Facebook muscles in on LinkedIn territory with jobs feature
08 November 2016
LinkedIn launches new tool, LinkedIn Salary, to help users know their worth
04 November 2016
Italian probe on WhatsApp for compelling users to share personal data with Facebook
02 November 2016
European regulators question US tech companies over privacy issues
29 October 2016
Twitter lays off 9% staff
28 October 2016
US to test Cuban lung-cancer drug
28 October 2016
Lonely using virtual assistants for sexually explicit conversations
28 October 2016
Access to Twitter, Spotify, Netflix, many others hit by DDoS attack on net traffic monitoring firm
25 October 2016
Czech authorities arrest Russian man allegedly linked to LinkedIn hack
21 October 2016
LinkedIn’s new feature helps users to find jobs without boss finding out
08 October 2016
Facebook follows WhatsApp with end-to-end encryption feature for users
07 October 2016
German regulator bars Facebook from collecting data of WhatsApp users
28 September 2016
Facebook apologises for disabling accounts of Palestine scribes
27 September 2016
Google, Salesforce, Microsoft eyeing Twitter: reports
24 September 2016
What happens to data of users who quit WhatsApp, asks HC
22 September 2016
Twitter closes Bengaluru centre, over 100 staffers face axe
20 September 2016
Twitter unveils new features to support business accounts
16 September 2016
New policy doesn’t compromise user data, WhatsApp tells HC
15 September 2016
LinkedIn to launch fast-loading ‘Lite’ for tier II, III towns
13 September 2016
One million threatened to quit Facebook when News Feed appeared
07 September 2016
Study points to growth of white nationalist groups on Twitter
03 September 2016
Twitterati abuzz about Jio using PM’s picture in ad campaign
03 September 2016
Dropbox confirms massive breach of account credentials, but denies improper access
02 September 2016
Saudi social media users boycott Bing for translating Daesh as Saudi Arabia
30 August 2016
Facebook’s “Trending” feature to get a makeover
27 August 2016
WhatsApp to start giving user data to parent Facebook
26 August 2016
UK lawmakers slam social networks over extremist content
25 August 2016
Twitter suspends 235,000 accounts for supporting extremist causes
20 August 2016
Snapchat reportedly planning to buy search and discovery app Vurb
17 August 2016
Adblock Plus releases workaround to Facebook’s ad block bypass
12 August 2016
Deleted WhatsApp messages are not actually deleted
01 August 2016
Facebook unveils first full-scale drone Aquila to bring basic internet access to developing world
01 August 2016
Tumblr users can now make cash from ads on their blogs
28 July 2016
Facebook Messenger celebrates 1 bn monthly active users
22 July 2016
Facebook designs light-bulb shaped detector to drive plans for drone internet access
21 July 2016
Twitter chief Jack Dorsey’s account hacked
11 July 2016
Facebook to pilot test offline videos from 11 July
08 July 2016
Israel calls Facebook a ‘monster’ for not curbing hate mail
05 July 2016
Facebook says post about privacy violation a hoax
01 July 2016
Flipkart India’s top talent attractor, Amazon second
22 June 2016
Researchers use algorithms to analyse how ISIS recruits through social media
17 June 2016
Microsoft to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 bn in cash
13 June 2016
Twitter secures accounts after user credentials sold online
10 June 2016
32 mn Twitter passwords leaked
09 June 2016
Users tiring of 'Likes' and Tweets: study
08 June 2016
Snapchat acquires phone-based 3D capture company, Seene
07 June 2016
Hacker steals 171 mn user accounts of Russian social network
07 June 2016
Facebook to remove messaging capability from mobile app
06 June 2016
Twitter shuts 125,000 terror-related accounts: Twitter chief Jack Dorsey
02 June 2016
Ad blocking software threatens social media business
01 June 2016
LinkedIn outlines steps to contain hacking damage
28 May 2016
Over 60% US citizens get their news from social media
27 May 2016
Facebook advertising network to show ads to non-users across the web
27 May 2016
Blocking 'fake engagement' to keep the count honest
26 May 2016
Indian-American doctor Sanjay Gupta ‘second most popular in US on Twitter'
21 May 2016
Visual impairment prevalence in US to double by 2050: Researchers
21 May 2016
LinkedIn hacked; 117 mn users’ passwords up for sale
19 May 2016
Microsoft, Facebook in renewable alliance targeting 60 GW power by 2025
14 May 2016
Facebook’s anti-Conservative bias: Zuckerberg seeks to control fallout
14 May 2016
Facebook launches Facebook at Work in India
11 May 2016
Facebook sued for privacy violation over photo-tagging feauture
09 May 2016
10-year-old wins $10,000 from Facebook for finding major flaw in Instagram
04 May 2016
Facebook to get message self-destruct feature
03 May 2016
Facebook to ignore unofficial takedown pleas
30 April 2016
Govt wants your Facebook data, but behind your back
29 April 2016
Security researcher uncovers Facebook hack
26 April 2016
Twitter suffers global outage for brief period
14 April 2016
What social media data could tell us about the future
08 April 2016
Facebook paying media companies to use Facebook Live
07 April 2016
China limits coverage of “Panama Papers”
05 April 2016
Unable to snoop on users Egypt blocked Facebook’s Free Basics in '15
02 April 2016
Researchers warn of social media-induced depression in young adults
28 March 2016
Facebook introduces Wordpress plugin to target millions of publishers on the platform
08 March 2016
Dead may eventually outnumber the living on Facebook
08 March 2016
Instagram starts blocking links to select rival platforms
05 March 2016
Apple launches new Twitter account to provide tips and tricks to users online
04 March 2016
Facebook wins battle against German privacy regulators
04 March 2016
Brazil releases detained Facebook executive
03 March 2016
LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, passes on annual stock compensation to employees
03 March 2016
Brazil detains Facebook executive over data dispute
02 March 2016
Dating sites may be spreading HIV: Study
02 March 2016
ISIS threats leave Twitter, Facebook chiefs unfazed
27 February 2016
‘Upset’ Zuckerberg distances himself from Andreessen comments
11 February 2016
Investor Marc Andreessen slams Trai, but eats his words
11 February 2016
Twitter forms council to tackle abusive trolls
10 February 2016
India opts for net neutrality, bars differential pricing
08 February 2016
Not 6 degrees of separation but 3.57, says Facebook
08 February 2016
LinkedIn stock down 28 per cent on weak guidance
05 February 2016
Facebook, Instagram block online gun sales
30 January 2016
Tor enables access to Facebook where it is banned
25 January 2016
Four senior Twitter executives to exit the media company
25 January 2016
Fight ISIS with ‘likes’ suggests Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg
22 January 2016
Over 200 Facebook friends not possible: study
20 January 2016
Facebook launches pan-Europe campaign to counter extremist posts
19 January 2016
Belles beware! Facebook bandits are on the prowl
18 January 2016
Apex German court rules Facebook’s ‘Friends Finder’ illegal
15 January 2016
Silicon Valley to advise security officials on terrorists' use of social media
08 January 2016
Twitter plans to increase character limit in tweets to 10,000
06 January 2016
Facebook activates Safety Check after earthquake hits north east India
04 January 2016
Facebook testing new features on mobile platform: Report
31 December 2015
Facebook top app of 2015
21 December 2015
Facebook draws flak for misleading `Save Free Basics’ campaign
18 December 2015
Facebook working to let users hail Uber cabs directly from Messenger app
17 December 2015
EU laws governing personal data to be tightened under sweeping reforms
16 December 2015
UK’s Chubb first to offer “troll insurance” policy
14 December 2015
Twitter warns users of state-sponsored hacker attacks
14 December 2015
Business social networking site LinkeIn redesigns its mobile app
05 December 2015
Facebook’s new update allows users to share live videos and collages
05 December 2015
Facebook CEO and wife pledge 99% of shareholding to charity
02 December 2015
Millions might have ended up victims of Facebook app
25 November 2015
Austrian Supreme Court to decide on admissibility of Shrems’s class-action suit
24 November 2015
Stressful to have over 300 FB friends: research
20 November 2015
Instagram user baser doubles in Indian in a year
20 November 2015
Facebook deactivates, restores account of woman named Isis
20 November 2015
Islamic State makes Telegram messaging app major communication tool
19 November 2015
Facebook deactivates account of woman named Isis, then restores it
19 November 2015
Microsoft, Google offer free Skype, Hangouts calls to France for few days
16 November 2015
Facebook competes with Snapchat's with vanishing messages in France
13 November 2015
Dumping Facebook makes people happier: study
13 November 2015
India tops in ‘take-down’ requests to Facebook
12 November 2015
Facebook to appeal EU court ruling over tracking non-Facebook users
10 November 2015
IS militants hack Twitter accounts of thousands in revenge for killing of top hacker
10 November 2015
Users warned against Secret Sister Gift Exchange on Facebook scam
07 November 2015
Linkedin launches ‘Placements’ service for students
06 November 2015
Facebook to warn users when targeted in state-sponsored cyberattacks
20 October 2015
Facebook wants to voice opinion in legal challenge by Austrian student
20 October 2015
Facebook in all-out bid to take on Twitter, YouTube
19 October 2015
Facebook’s Zukerberg likely to push Free Basics on India visit
19 October 2015
Twitterati have field day as US websites crash
16 October 2015
Facebook partners Nasscom's 10,000-startup initiative
15 October 2015
India bans 2 websites, 2 Facebook pages over IS links
15 October 2015
Twitter will cut workforce next week: Reports
10 October 2015
Twitter announces expansion of Amplify ad program
09 October 2015
Facebook most popular social networking site in India: study
07 October 2015
Facebook gamers don’t consider cheating a big deal
05 October 2015
Mobiles make Twitter users more egocentric than while tweeting from PCs: study
01 October 2015
Google to unveil new products on Tuesday
28 September 2015
Facebook’s Zuckerberg connects with Modi, almost
28 September 2015
Even fake comments on Facebook influence voters: study
26 September 2015
Facebook rebrands to 'Free Basics’, expands Indian operations
25 September 2015
France rejects Google’s appeal against “right to be forgotten”
22 September 2015
Facebook to push ahead with in India
18 September 2015
Hashtags and @ symbols affect language on Twitter
16 September 2015
Facebook settles out of court in underage signup case
16 September 2015
Modi to go live on Facebook with Zuckerberg
14 September 2015
YouTube may provide viewership data to advertisers
07 September 2015
Twitter is top source of breaking news, finds survey
04 September 2015
Facebook reaches 1 bn daily-user milestone
28 August 2015
Ashley Madison hack: over 1 mn Brits get blackmail threats
26 August 2015
Twitter blocks access to politician’s deleted tweets
26 August 2015
UK Islamist named in leaked list of Ashley Madison members
24 August 2015
Facebook takes over from Google as traffic driver to news sites and publishers
19 August 2015
Twitter extends 140 character limit for Direct Messages
14 August 2015
Facebook launches FbStart for Indian telecom startups
12 August 2015
Facebook identifies personalities by e-laughter style
11 August 2015
Facebook trying to muster user support for ahead of DoT report
08 August 2015
Google asks CNIL to review “right to be forgotten order”
07 August 2015
Facebook to test drone `Aquila’ for internet access in remote areas
01 August 2015
Google’s new feature makes it easier to send instant messages via Google Now
30 July 2015
Facebook unveils new feature called “legacy contacts”
29 July 2015
LinkedIn bows to user pressure, restores tool to export contacts
27 July 2015
Facebook's Oculus unit to buy Israeli gesture recognition technology developer Pebbles Interfaces
17 July 2015
Twitter’s Lighting news aggregation service, to be called ‘Moments’
08 July 2015
Google adds real-time trends to Google Trends
19 June 2015
Social media usage in urban India rises by 100%
17 June 2015
Future of news organisations uncertain due to surge in smartphones, social media: Study
17 June 2015
Israeli startup Mobli unveils event-based photo and video search
16 June 2015
Twitter to target ads based on apps on smartphone
12 June 2015
Twitter to hike character limit from 140 to 10,000
12 June 2015
Experts caution against app that steals users Facebook data
09 June 2015
Facebook slammed by privacy watchdog for tracking personal data
18 May 2015
Facebook to launch Instant Articles to make it easier to access news online
13 May 2015
LinkedIn crosses 30 million-user mark
08 May 2015
Government not decided on getting Facebook, Twitter servers in India
07 May 2015
Facebook hit with bug that deletes users’ posts
02 May 2015
Google’s Person Finder app helps connect families with missing persons in quake-hit Nepal
27 April 2015
Net neutrality: Facebook’s faces trouble in India
17 April 2015
China threatens to close down Sina Corp’s internet news service
13 April 2015
Facebook admits tracking non-account users
11 April 2015
LinkedIn to buy online education company for $1.5 bn
10 April 2015
Digital technology, social media depress users: study
09 April 2015
Facebook violating EU privacy norms, finds Belgian study
01 April 2015
Facebook denied Indian patent for crawler app
25 March 2015
SC strikes down Section 66A of IT Act as ‘unconstitutional’
24 March 2015
Facebook working on new app for android smartphones
23 March 2015
Facebook issues guidelines on content-blocking policy
17 March 2015
India tops in asking Facebook to block undesirable content
17 March 2015
Facebook to buy TheFind to enter e-commerce
16 March 2015
WhatsApp releases voice-calling feature for All Android users
14 March 2015
SC slams centre for inaction over gang-rape videos
14 March 2015
Facebook sharing information on user behaviour
11 March 2015
Twitter in acquisition talks with video streaming app Periscope
09 March 2015
Social media proliferation helping hackers launch coordinated attacks
09 March 2015
ISIS gives Twitter the jitters with death ‘fatwah’
03 March 2015
Facebook sets up single-button suicide helpline
27 February 2015
New funding to value Snapchat at $19 bn
19 February 2015
Pinterest to raise $500 mn in funding round; eyes $11-bn valuation
19 February 2015
Social networking site Pinterest bans affiliate links
16 February 2015
Facebook, Yahoo create ThreatExchange to fight cyberattacks
13 February 2015
Facebook ties up with RCom to offer free mobile internet services
10 February 2015
Jaitley urges bureaucrats to use social media effectively
03 February 2015
Twitter adds video, group messaging
28 January 2015
Facebook goes down; users complain of inability to log in
27 January 2015
India to have largest mobile Facebook user base by 2017
23 January 2015
Bangla blocks WhatsApp, other sites over security concerns
21 January 2015
Facebook launches Facebook at Work
15 January 2015
Indian startup Zomato acquires US-based rival Urbanspoon
13 January 2015
US military command’s Twitter, YouTube accounts hacked
13 January 2015
WhatsApp to offer Call via Skype as it seeks to broaden offerings: reports
07 January 2015
Twitter working on YouTube rival: reports
05 January 2015
Snapchat worth over $10 bn after $486 mn fundraising
03 January 2015
IS again uses social media to advance its gruesome campaign
31 December 2014
Microsoft brings Skype-powered group chat to Word, PowerPoint online
26 December 2014
WhatsApp to add voice calling feature: reports
26 December 2014
India to overtake US as second-largest smart phone market by 2016: report
23 December 2014
Sachin Tendulkar's Viber public chat hits 1 million followers
23 December 2014
Facebook to let users sell goods to groups: report
19 December 2014
Facebook user base in India expands to 112 million, largest after US
17 December 2014
Facebook's WhatsApp may bring messaging service to the web: Reports
15 December 2014
Facebook to end collaboration with Bing for web search results
13 December 2014
Facebook's Instagram overtakes Twitter hitting 300-mn user mark
11 December 2014
WhatsApp could overtake Facebook
29 November 2014
Facebook losing appeal with teens: Study
28 November 2014
Twitter to track apps on users’ smartphone
27 November 2014
Twitter in talks to buy Justin Bieber-backed selfie photo-sharing start-up Shots
26 November 2014
Facebook developing new office version to take on LinkedIn: Report
17 November 2014
Facebook Messenger user-base hits half a billon
11 November 2014
Twitter, WAM create tool to report women harassment
10 November 2014
Facebook to be mostly video in five years: Zuckerberg
08 November 2014
Twitter suspends accounts of several users, right-wing supports cry foul
04 November 2014
YouTube as peer support for severe mental illness
31 October 2014
Junk food ads online leading to obesity, other diseases: study
27 October 2014
Anti-Facebook social network Ello converts to public benefit corporation
24 October 2014
Google testing new service connecting people with medical conditions
13 October 2014
Japan court orders Google to remove litigant’s negative search results
11 October 2014
Facebook to target users with ads based on their most recent location
08 October 2014
Facebook app to let users share posts anonymously
08 October 2014
Facebook now owns WhatsApp for $19 bn as deal closes
08 October 2014
Facebook looking to healthcare to drive user engagement
04 October 2014
Facebook announces re-launch of ad platform Atlas
30 September 2014
Google to pull plug on Orkut today
30 September 2014
Eight out of 10 Indian net users ‘fear missing out’ when not connected
30 September 2014
The CMO survey: social media spending high, but impact difficult to prove
19 September 2014
Facebook approaches YouTube video producers: report
12 September 2014
Google announces acquisition of online polling start up Polar
12 September 2014
Facebook posts reveal personality traits, but changes complicate interpretation
12 September 2014
Twitter taps debt markets for the first time to raise $1.5 billion
11 September 2014
Snapchat settles ownership dispute with co founder Reginald Brown
10 September 2014
Alibaba receives enough support for IPO within two days of roadshows
10 September 2014
Social networks increase risk of exposure to hate speech: study
03 September 2014
Kleiner Perkins' $20 mn funding values Snapchat at $10 bn
27 August 2014
WhatsApp adds 100 mn users in four months
26 August 2014
Facebook lawsuit gets support from 60,000 users
22 August 2014
Snapchat to emerge a news, video and ad platform
20 August 2014
UK police personnel disciplined over social media posts
20 August 2014
Twitter angers users with `favourites’ experiment
19 August 2014
Facebook testing new feature to stop users from believing joke stories
18 August 2014
Austrian student sues Facebook over privacy violations
04 August 2014
LinkedIn shares up on 47% rise in Q2 revenue
04 August 2014
Facebook offering $200 to users to test out Slingshot
31 July 2014
Social media drives up complaints over medical practices in The UK
21 July 2014
Tax top in Crisil social media analytics on Budget day in the South, FDI, defence in the north
14 July 2014
Google to shut down Orkut end September
01 July 2014
Facebook users angry with becoming unwitting research subjects
30 June 2014
Narendra Modi has 5th largest number of `Twitter followers’ among world leaders: report
26 June 2014
Twitter restores access to tweets in Pakistan
21 June 2014
Iraqi government blocks access to social media
16 June 2014
TweetDeck crashes on teen’s prank
13 June 2014
Twitter to acquire Namo Media to beef up mobile monetisation
09 June 2014
Flickr to dump Facebook, Google in favour of Yahoo from July
07 June 2014
Twitter user base to grow 25% this year
30 May 2014
Iranian hacker create fake Facebook profiles to spy on targets
30 May 2014
Continued intolerance: Another man held for anti-Modi WhatsApp post
27 May 2014
Social media gets its due for pushing politics and politicians
06 May 2014
Facebook, Storyful launch FB Newswire
26 April 2014
Facebook 1Q earnings nearly triple on ad revenue boost
24 April 2014
Twitter releases new Facebook-like profile design for all users
23 April 2014
Facebook launches location sharing feature in US
19 April 2014
LinkedIn hits 300-mn member mark
19 April 2014
Twitter users playing big role in ballot battle despite high account dormancy
14 April 2014
Facebook to filter News Feed of ‘spammy’ content
14 April 2014
Facebook profiles could provide clues to job performance: study
14 April 2014
India tops in seeking to censor content: Facebook report
12 April 2014
Social media 'bootstrapping' key for growth of new sites
11 April 2014
FTC accuses of using Facebook info to label people ''jerks''
09 April 2014
Facebook claims 100 million active users in India
09 April 2014
Marketers pitch luxury cars on social media to Indian consumers
07 April 2014
Scientists develop computer algorithm to predict viral sharing of photos on Facebook
07 April 2014
State Bank of India launches Twitter handle
05 April 2014
Facebook mulling apps to allow anonymous log-ins
04 April 2014
British advertising giant WPP acquires majority stake in Mumbai’s Social Wavelength
28 March 2014
Turkish court upholds appeal to end Twitter blockage
27 March 2014
Twitter blocked in Turkey over graft recordings
21 March 2014
Twitter turns 8, lets users see their first tweet
21 March 2014
Reliance takes to social media to refute Kejriwal's allegations
21 March 2014
Privacy advocacy groups seek regulatory probe into Facebook-WhatsApp deal
08 March 2014
LinkedIn to set up Chinese-language website aligned with state censorship rules
25 February 2014
Shinde backtracks on ‘crush electronic media’ comment
25 February 2014
WhatsApp founder apologises for outage
24 February 2014
EU project to build lie detector for social media
21 February 2014
Researchers developing system to detect hoax tweets and posts
21 February 2014
Facebook to buy smartphone-messaging app WhatsApp for a staggering $16 bn
20 February 2014
Online fund-raising site Kickstarter hacked
17 February 2014
LinkedIn to retire Slidecast, iOS email app Intro
08 February 2014
Twitter value down $8 bn on slowing growth
07 February 2014
LinkedIn shares down sharply on weak outlook
07 February 2014
Google senior advertisement executive Susan Wojcicki to run YouTube
06 February 2014
Kaspersky clarifies after Facebook Android app feature insinuations
04 February 2014
Facebook wants to read users’ SMSes, confidential information: Kaspersky
03 February 2014
Facebook to lose 80% users between 2015-2017: Princeton study
23 January 2014
Online storage services provider Dropbox raises $250 mn
20 January 2014
Facebook launching news reader to compete with Flipboard: reports
15 January 2014
Twitter gives new look to its website
14 January 2014
LinkedIn files lawsuit against fake account holders
10 January 2014
Legal action launched against Facebook over allegations of sharing user data
03 January 2014
Syrian Electronic Army hacks Skype’s social media accounts
02 January 2014
LinkedIn, Pinterest more popular than Twitter among adult followers in US: Study
31 December 2013
Young people dumping Facebook for newer social networks: Study
28 December 2013
Facebook and banks to face lawsuit over IPO
20 December 2013
Facebook top searched item of 2013: Google
19 December 2013
Instagram adds new photo sharing feature
13 December 2013
Twitter backtracks on ‘block’ functionality changes
13 December 2013
Truecaller to partner with social networking site Twitter to expand user base
12 December 2013
Major US web companies call for tighter controls on government surveillance
10 December 2013
2 million Facebook, Google, Twitter and Yahoo passwords stolen
05 December 2013
After Apple acquires Topsy, rival DataSift gets venture funding
04 December 2013
Social media users warned against committing contempt on posts
04 December 2013
IT companies leveraging social media for politicians, personalities
30 November 2013
Information shared via online social networks can lead to hiring discrimination
23 November 2013
Dropbox looks for $250 million additional funding
20 November 2013
Google, Microsoft, Yahoo unite against child abuse images
18 November 2013
Saudi Arabia has most Twitter users: report
18 November 2013
Photo-messaging startup Snapchat rejects Facebook’s $3 bn bid: report
15 November 2013
Facebook to remove privacy setting blocking users from timeline search
11 October 2013
Twitter to help in disaster alerts – but not for India yet
26 September 2013
Users take LinkedIn to court over email account hacking
24 September 2013
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