Researchers solve mystery of life’s building blocks
06 February 2018
Gilead Sciences to buy Cell Design Labs for up to $567 mn
08 December 2017
Department of Bio-technology’s Renu Swarup wins top award for entrepreneur mentoring
11 November 2017
Nuziveedu Seeds not to budge on intellectual property row with Monsanto
16 October 2017
Genetically boosting the nutritional value of corn could benefit millions
10 October 2017
Govt to soon unveil policy to promote biofuel production and use
11 August 2017
Decision on GM mustard likely by September, govt tells SC
01 August 2017
FDA panel approves Mylan-Biocon’s biosimilar cancer drug
14 July 2017
Cabinet clears Rs1,500-cr biopharma mission
19 May 2017
Green body protests GEAC nod for GM mustard
13 May 2017
GM mustard gets regulatory approval, awaits SC nod
12 May 2017
23andMe gets FDA nod to sell genetic tests directly to consumers
07 April 2017
Carlyle to sell herbal supplement maker Nature's Bounty
06 January 2017
Visualizing gene expression with MRI
26 December 2016
Monsanto shareholders approve $66-bn acquisition by Bayer
14 December 2016
SC blocks commercial release of GM mustard
08 October 2016
Biosafety meet calls for better coordination for faster adoption of biotechnology
20 September 2016
GM cotton to follow GM mustard
07 September 2016
Monsanto, allies desert National Seeds Association over pricing, royalty issues
27 August 2016
Foreign seed firms gang up to fight India’s GM crop rules
26 August 2016
Merck & Co and Allergan eye US biotechnology company Biogen
03 August 2016
Biocon Q1 net up 17% at Rs147 cr, revenues climb 11% to Rs952 cr
23 July 2016
Mallya to quit as chairman of Bayer CropScience
22 June 2016
Monsanto’s books remain closed after Bayer bid rejection
11 June 2016
Mylan, Biocon report success with Phase 3 Trastuzumab biosimilar cancer drug trials
07 June 2016
Relief to Monsanto as India delays royalty cap on GM cotton seed
24 May 2016
Mistreating animals: US biotech firm to pay record $3.5 mn fine, shut down
23 May 2016
India further tightens norms for Bt cotton seed pricing
21 May 2016
AstraZeneca project to sequence 2 mn genomes for new medicines
23 April 2016
Origin Technologies raises bid for Affymetrix to$1.58 bn
23 March 2016
Affymetrix rejects $1.5-bn takeover bid from Origin Technologies
21 March 2016
Origin Tech to derail Thermo Fisher’s bid for Affymetrix with $1.5 bn competing offer
19 March 2016
Biocon inks co-development and marketing pact with Mexican co for rh-insulin
17 March 2016
Govt fixes maximum retail prices for Bt cotton seed across the country
10 March 2016
Monsanto JV under CCI lens over possible abuse of market dominance
18 February 2016
Biocon gets EU nod for generic cholesterol drug
16 February 2016
India to be associate member state of European Molecular Biology Organisation
04 February 2016
Bharat Biotech claims breakthrough in Zika vaccine development
03 February 2016
Pest attack destroys GM cotton crop in Punjab, Haryana
10 October 2015
Biotech to grow to a $100-billion sector under `Make in India’: Harsh Vardhan
18 May 2015
Syngenta rejects $45 billion Monsanto takeover offer
09 May 2015
DuPont to buy microbiome discovery company Taxon Biosciences
23 April 2015
Ginkgo opens world’s first “organism engineering foundry” in Boston
31 March 2015
WHO report links Monsanto’s weed killer to cancer
25 March 2015
NGOs oppose Greenpeace co-founder’s campaign to promote `golden rice’
12 March 2015
US bio-fuel producer Pacific Ethanol acquires rival Aventine for $190 mn
01 January 2015
Biocon plans to set up manufacturing unit in Visakapatanam
15 December 2014
Environment minister Prakash Javadekar defends GM crops
05 December 2014
Monsanto, Sumitomo Chemical and Valent extend crop protection collaboration
10 November 2014
Monsanto fast-tracks $6 billion share buy-back from JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs
02 July 2014
Vermont governor signs bill calling for labeling GMO foods into law
09 May 2014
Disgraced Korean scientist creates first British dog clone
10 April 2014
Elan shareholders approve $8.6-bn takeover by Perrigo
18 November 2013
Chinese biotechnology firm 3SBio receives sweetened offer from CEO
23 April 2013
Monsanto acquires Agradis and its microbe assets
30 January 2013
Global research team decodes gene sequence of chickpea
28 January 2013
Biocon among top 20 employers in sector: survey
25 September 2012
US jury awards Monsanto $1 bn in patent infringement suit against DuPont
02 August 2012
Yale scientists pinpoint key ingredient in fighting pneumonia
23 July 2012
Department of biotechnology announces BIG scheme for igniting new ideas
31 May 2012
US federal court dismisses lawsuit by organic farmers against Monsanto
27 February 2012
Monsanto found guilty of chemical poisoning in France
14 February 2012
Transgene Biotech licenses biogeneric drug to Germqan firm's UAE arm
23 November 2011
Monsanto acquires targeted-pest control technology start-up Beeologics
29 September 2011
Biocon to set biopharmaceutical plant, R&D centre in Malaysia
12 September 2011
Opponents of GM food cook up a delicious 'baigan ka bharta'
07 September 2011
Biotech companies line up over 100 GM crops for field trials in India
05 September 2011
Syngenta, government team up to launch second Green Revolution in India
23 August 2011
Biocon clinical arm, Spaulding of US in clinical trial partnership
22 August 2011
GE Healthcare to acquire cell culture products developer PAA Laboratories
17 August 2011
Avesthagen gets US patents for eco-friendly gene marker technology, sunflower synthesis
21 June 2011
Toxins from Bt crops hitting unborn babies: study
21 May 2011
Ramesh orders halt to Bt-maize field trials in Bihar
10 March 2011
Govt backs programme to develop AIDS vaccine in India
04 March 2011
Panacea Biotec in marketing deal with Uruguay's Laboratorios Clausen
03 March 2011
Amgen to acquire BioVex Group Inc for up to $1 billion
25 January 2011
Holland's DSM to buy Martek Biosciences for $1.087 billion
21 December 2010
Denmark's Novozymes to acquire EMD/Merck Crop BioScience for $275 million
20 December 2010
Genzyme to sell diagnostics business to Japan’s Sekisui Chemical for $265 million
18 November 2010
Suven Life to unveil new drug candidates at US neuroscience meet
12 November 2010
Global biotech industry must reinvent itself to survive, warns PwC
11 November 2010
BASF-Monsanto JV set to launch new weed control formulations
02 November 2010
Biocon to invest $161 million in Malaysian biotech firm
28 October 2010
‘Plagiarised’ report on Bt brinjal miffs Ramesh
28 September 2010
Indian scientists develop high-protein potatoes
22 September 2010
US defence turns to new antibiotics from the sea
21 September 2010
Roche to buy cancer diagnostic firm BioImagene Inc for $100 million
24 August 2010
Bt brinjal has proven safety and would benefit farmers
03 August 2010
Novel artificial proteins boost industry and science
08 July 2010
Study measures single-molecule machines in action
08 July 2010
Proton pump generates energy from food and oxygen
29 June 2010
Cipla to buy stakes in two biotech firms for Rs300 crore
16 June 2010
Adding nucleic acid testing to HIV screening may help identify more people with HIV
16 June 2010
Indian biotech industry seen growing $10 billion-strong by 2020
03 June 2010
US scientists create synthetic living cell
21 May 2010
Monsanto says oil from its improved soybean is trans fats-free
19 May 2010
Scripps scientists solve protein structure revealing secrets of cell membranes
04 May 2010
Lollipops and ice fishing: Molecular rulers used to probe nanopores
04 May 2010
Modified bacteria to replace oil derived products
03 May 2010
Protein pathway protects vessels from leaking fluid after inflammation: study
19 April 2010
New study on carbon nanotubes gives hope for medical applications
10 April 2010
Aditi Technologies introduces IP-based bioinformatics, product, DNA PReDuST
09 April 2010
Monsanto second quarter net profit down at $887 million
07 April 2010
Biocon arm to buy out CIMAB's 49 per cent stake in Biocon Biopharma
05 April 2010
MDRNA acquires Cequent Pharma for $46 million
03 April 2010
Bayer CropScience halts work at Ankleshwar unit
26 March 2010
Biocon arm Syngene, Endo Pharma tie up for biological cancer drug
22 March 2010
Panacea Bio wins Rs10 crore government aid for developing swine flu vaccine
22 March 2010
India's Bt cotton crop area rises to 8 million hectares; yields up 31 per cent: minister
10 March 2010
India should focus on affordable innovation: Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
08 March 2010
No ban on field trials of GM crops, says environment minister
08 March 2010
Monsanto accepts its Bt cotton is not pest-resistant
06 March 2010
Government to set up National Bio-technology Regulatory Authority
03 March 2010
PM emerges as Ramesh’s sole backer on Bt brinjal
25 February 2010
Biogen assumes full development responsibilities for hemophilia therapy
18 February 2010
GEAC to study Bt brinjal afresh; move could take years
18 February 2010
Pawar bats for Bt brinjal
17 February 2010
Congress officially backs Ramesh, nixes Bt brinjal lobby
16 February 2010
India dumps Bt brinjal
09 February 2010
Missouri court asks Bayer to pay $1.5 million damages to farmers
08 February 2010
Congress backs Ramesh on Bt Brinjal
23 January 2010
Martek Biosciences to acquire Amerifit Brands for $200 million
22 January 2010
Biotech sector set to grow by leaps and bounds, says Biocon chief
20 January 2010
Monsanto reports 1 per cent net loss in November quarter; confirms 2010 earnings guidance
06 January 2010
Call to set up autonomus biotechnology regulator
06 January 2010
Seattle Genetics in antibody development deal with GSK
22 December 2009
Pfizer acquires the rights to a stem-cell drug from Athersys
21 December 2009
BASF Plant Science, Genomine, and POSTECH in plant biotech license agreement
17 December 2009
Aussie biodiesel refiner Mission NewEnergy signs deal with Valero of US
11 December 2009
Facet Biotech rejects Biogen Idec’s sweetened takeover offer
11 December 2009
Biocon, HCG hospitals team up to fight cervical cancer
10 December 2009
Chattisgarh says 'no' to Bt brinjal
26 October 2009
Monsanto, Chinese university in plant biotechnology tie-up
21 October 2009
Decision on Bt-brinjal after due consultations: Jairam Ramesh
15 October 2009
Corning and Geron showcase new synthetic surface for enhanced stem cell growth
23 September 2009
Biocon in hybrid drug development pact with Amylin
11 September 2009
Monsanto projects $6.3 billion profit in fiscal 2010
10 September 2009
Malignant signature may help identify patients likely to respond to therapy
09 September 2009
Facet Biotech spurns Biogen’s buyout bid
09 September 2009
Hyderabad’s Suven gets first payoff from Eli Lilly tie-up
08 September 2009
Monsanto outsources genome technology to France's Cellectis
03 September 2009
TCG Lifescience acquires lab informatics company
02 September 2009
Facet Biotech, Trubion in $196 million cancer drug deal
31 August 2009
Panacea Biotec wins $222.37 million UNICEF contract for EasyFive vaccine
19 August 2009
Monsanto expects its new GM corn and soybean to pump up volumes
14 August 2009
Monsanto sells its global sunflower business to Syngenta
06 August 2009
Australian scientists launch study to map coral genome
03 August 2009
Sanofi-Aventis to acquire Merck's Merial stake for $4 billion
30 July 2009
Sanofi-Aventis to acquire Shantha Biotech for Rs3,757 crore
27 July 2009
Government setting up biotechnology regulator
24 July 2009
Algenol-Dow tie-up to test direct-to-ethanol process
16 July 2009
Researchers claim phenoxodiol kills rapidly proliferating T-cells
09 July 2009
DuPont divests Linuron Herbicide assets as part of crop protection strategy
30 June 2009
Bayer Schering Pharma extends research portfolio in the field of cancer-related targets
30 June 2009
Monsanto and Bayer CropScience cross license herbicide tolerance traits in Canola
30 June 2009
Dow and Algenol Biofuels to build pilot-scale algae-based integrated biorefinery
30 June 2009
Biocon, Mylan tie up for generic biologic drugs
29 June 2009
Genzyme confident of restarting virus-hit Allston plant by August
26 June 2009
Nobel Laureate Dr. Richard J Roberts calls for more research in personalised medicine
19 June 2009
Biotech regulator on cards, says Prithviraj Chavan
19 June 2009
Indian biotech industry growth dips 18 per cent amid recession
19 June 2009
Google invests another $2.6 million in Brin's wife's biotech startup firm
19 June 2009
Genzyme Corp shuts key facility to clean plant contamination
17 June 2009
Monsanto-BASF team discovers drought-tolerent gene in corn plants
11 June 2009
Biotech major CSL withdraws from $3.1-billion Talecris takeover
09 June 2009
US FTC blocks CSL’s $3.1-billion acquisition of Talecris Biotherapeutics
25 May 2009
Dr Reddy’s reorganises drug discovery operation; receives approval for three INDs
21 May 2009
Biocon’s Q4 profit plummets by 62 per cent
28 April 2009
Stem-cell ‘cure’ for female infertility in offing?
13 April 2009
Scottish and Chinese centres join hands for stem cell research
13 April 2009
Genentech pulls drug from US market after health scare
09 April 2009
Bristol-Myers, Syngene open new R&D facility
24 March 2009
India-born researcher identifies sudden cardiac-failure genes
24 March 2009
Avesthagen sets up biotech lab in Chile, enters R&D alliance
20 March 2009
Astellas withdraws from race to acquire CV Therapeutics
16 March 2009
Gilead Sciences to acquire CV Therapeutics for $1.4 billion
13 March 2009
Scientists cheer as Obama overturns stem cell ban
10 March 2009
Repair your heart with your own skin cells
28 February 2009
Biogen in talks to acquire Acorda for multiple sclerosis pill
25 February 2009
Sale of Genentech skin drug `Raptiva' suspended after 3 deaths
20 February 2009
Animal-human embryos don't mix
03 February 2009
Troubled MDS may sell of divisions
03 February 2009
Amylin shares up as Icahn consolidates stake
31 January 2009
Roche lowers Genentech bid to $42 billion
30 January 2009
Stem cell study for spinal injury gets FDA nod
24 January 2009
Unigene reports positive results on a novel peptide for reducing food consumption
21 January 2009
Exact Sciences rebuffs Sequenom's $41 million buyout offer
13 January 2009
Alnylam in RNAi therapeutics pact with Cubist for RSV infection
10 January 2009
Society needs biotech innovation says father of GM crops
08 January 2009
Wyeth acquires British biotech firm
19 December 2008
Bristol-Myers Squibb, Exelixis to collaborate on two novel cancer molecules
12 December 2008
Merck launches division for follow-on biotech drugs
11 December 2008
Human rights court rules against UK's DNA database
05 December 2008
AstraZeneca, Abraxis rethink cancer drug deal
26 November 2008
Tata Chem, Temasek Life Science in jatropha JV
25 November 2008
Zydus Cadila acquires Etna Biotech of Italy
11 November 2008
Amgen Positioned to Deliver Attractive Growth Over Next Five Years
08 November 2008
Government to launch Rs350 crore biotechnology partnership programme
06 November 2008
Biotech company Osiris ties up with Genzyme in $1.4-billion deal
06 November 2008
Genentech Submits application to US FDA for avastin for brain cancer treatment
04 November 2008
Gene Logic and deSciner to create Genomics Gateway
10 October 2008
Danisco to market Unistraw's probiotic straws
07 October 2008
Biocon ranked seventh top biotech employer globally
22 September 2008
Australia licenses cloning of human embryos for stem cell research
17 September 2008
Scientists attempt to replicate life
10 September 2008
Biocon says its oral insulin is good for Type 2 diabetes
08 September 2008
Gene therapy may be applied to cure deafness: Nature magazine
29 August 2008
Genentech rejects Roche’s $43.7-billion takeover offer as too low
13 August 2008
Caltech bioengineers develop "microscope on a chip"
30 July 2008
Roche makes a $43.7-billion bid for Genentech
21 July 2008
Biotechnology companies Genzyme and PTC Therapeutics ink $100 million deal
19 July 2008
Biocon is global Top 20 biotechnology company
17 July 2008
Shell and Iogen announce extended alliance to accelerate a next generation biofuel
17 July 2008
DSM acquires Valley Research to strengthen food enzymes activities
11 July 2008
Novartis announces strategic partnership with Lonza to boost biologics pipeline
11 July 2008
PerkinElmer appoints its chief scientific officer Daniel Marshak to head China operations
10 July 2008
American drugmaker Eli Lilly buys biotech company SGX Pharma for $64 million
09 July 2008
IBM and Mars intend to sequence and study the cocoa genome
30 June 2008
Scientists develop synthetic virus to aid new polio vaccine development
28 June 2008
IBM supercomputer to aid cancer research in Canada
28 June 2008
California genome testing companies reject Health Department orders to cease operations
26 June 2008
Biogen Idec shareholders reject Icahn's nominees to the board, reiterates support for management
21 June 2008
'Cooking' cancer cells with light, nanotechnology and biomolecules
19 June 2008
Biotechnology giant Invitrogen plans to acquire peer Applied Biosystems for $6.7 billion
12 June 2008
GVK BIO enters into drug discovery pact with Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
26 May 2008
Daiichi Sankyo to acquire German biotech firm for $235 million
23 May 2008
Record venture capital and heated deal environment propel global biotechnology industry forward in 2007
20 May 2008
Airbus to partner in developing second-generation bio-fuel for use in aviation
16 May 2008
Intercell to acquire Iomai Corporation for $189 million
13 May 2008
Enzon Pharma to spin off biotechnology business
08 May 2008
Global genetics consortium launches major cancer research initiative
29 April 2008
Secrets of the Indian gene; first phase results of country's most ambitious science project out
26 April 2008
Biocon close to finalising AxiCorp acquisition; establishes cardiology division
22 April 2008
Ranbaxy introduces world's first biogeneric injectible drug for osteoporosis
03 April 2008
Biocon eyes more acquisitions overseas
27 February 2008
Avesthagen Limited launches nutritional botanical bioactive supplements
21 February 2008
Biocon to acquire European pharma distributor AxiCorp to enter Europe
11 February 2008
Roche to acquire Ventana for $89.50 per share
23 January 2008
RTI, Tutogen announce new name for proposed merged company
19 January 2008
Biocon ties up with IATRICa for cancer drug development
17 January 2008
Genzyme and Isis announce strategic alliance including exclusive worldwide license of Mipomersen
08 January 2008
Sex pheromones: Bio-pesticides as safer mode of pest management
07 January 2008
BioMarin, Genzyme restructure Aldurazyme joint venture
05 January 2008
Biocon cancer drug wins BioSpectrum 'Product of the Year' award
22 December 2007
Genzyme announces FDA approval of Thyrogen for thyroid cancer ablation
18 December 2007
Stem cell research institute to be set up at Bangalore
08 December 2007
Astellas acquiring cancer biotech firm Agensys
27 November 2007
Cerus will spin off its immunotherapy business
24 November 2007
Biobase enters into custom curation service agreement with Procter & Gamble
17 November 2007
Biocon plans Rs 100 crore annual research spend
31 October 2007
US state Utah seeks co-operation with India in life science research
30 October 2007
Genzyme to collaborate with China''s Sunway Biotech on gene therapy programme in China
26 October 2007
Sigma-Aldrich, Oxford BioMedica win key ruling in Open Biosystems patent infringement dispute
26 October 2007
Biogen Idec up for sale after Icahn offer
13 October 2007
Toshiba, Canon, 40 other Japanese firms in biochips pact
27 September 2007
Panacea Biotec inaugurates vaccine formulation plant at Baddi
25 September 2007
DSM Venturing invests in purification technology company Upfront Chromatography
24 September 2007
Sterling Biotech acquires gelatin unit in China
08 September 2007
Government to give a Rs1,000 crore boost to nanotechnology
24 August 2007
Biocon in pact with Abraxis to market breast cancer drug Abraxane in India
09 August 2007
GVK Biosciences to provide clinical biomarker database USFDA Genomics group
30 July 2007
Biocon enters into JV with Neopharma of UAE
30 July 2007
Biocon divests enzymes for $115 million, enters into exclusive deal for bioinsulin
18 July 2007
US technology imports exceed exports; tech trade deficit at $102 billion in 2006
17 July 2007
BASF, Bosch, Merck, Schott in organic photovoltaics
30 June 2007
Indian scientist bags 'Top Invention Prize' in Australia
29 June 2007
India lags China in published scientific papers: Thomson ISI
29 June 2007
Innovative rice enrichment technology facility opens in China
27 June 2007
Videocon group to partner Thai firm for biotech SEZ in West Bengal
26 June 2007
Investor groups to sell Airpax to Sensata Technologies for $276 million
16 June 2007
Genzyme''s bid to acquire Bioenvision fails, for now
12 June 2007
Government aims at Rs1,000 crore investments in agri-biotech sector
11 June 2007
Biocon signs MoU with Australia's Deakin University
08 June 2007
Harvard licenses over 50 nanotech patents to start-up Nano-Terra
04 June 2007
Avesthagen subsidiary signs agreement with Biotech Corp
04 June 2007
India to more than double S&T spending to 2 per of GDP
23 May 2007
China's first Mars probe to ride a Russian rocket
22 May 2007
Reliance ventures into VC financing for biotech with MPM Capital
26 April 2007
Indian biotech firms to emulate the growth of Indian IT firms
10 April 2007
US equity firm Jacob Ballas to buy stake in Avesthagen
10 April 2007
Genentech to set up new facility in Singapore
28 March 2007
Biocon eyes more research outsourcing deals
22 March 2007
Avesthagen launches community genealogical project for novel therapies
20 March 2007
Biocon arm to set up dedicated R&D facility for Bristol-Myers Squibb
14 March 2007
Ethypharm in licensing deal with Shantha Biotechnics
26 February 2007
Biocon to invest Rs 1,000 crore in Vizag SEZ
17 February 2007
Ranbaxy enters biosimilar product space with Zenotech, targets EU markets
08 February 2007
Reliance Life Sciences acquires 74-per cent stake in UK's GeneMedix
08 February 2007
Aurigene, Merck Serono collaborate on therapeutics for autoimmune disorders
06 February 2007
Danone rebuts Wadia claim on Press Note 1
05 February 2007
Avesthagen IP model achieves valuation of Euro 115 million
24 January 2007
IBS signs MoU with Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission
15 January 2007
Organon Biosciences in biopharma development deal with China's Huya Bioscience
10 January 2007
Biocon in joint venture with Abu Dhabi-based Neopharma
06 January 2007
Asia Cryo Cell to expand overseas and domestic operations
02 January 2007
Biocon subsidiary Clinigene completes phase-IV study on new generation insulin
26 December 2006
Reliance Life Sciences to acquire UK's GeneMedix
22 December 2006
Why is RLS interested in GeneMedix?
22 December 2006
Biocon launches cancer anti-body drug BioMab-EGFR
18 September 2006
Wockhardt to develop SEZ near Aurangabad for its global biopharma hub
18 September 2006
Biocon's Syngene International and Sweden's Innate Pharma to develop virulence blockers
04 September 2006
India to host Asia biotech meet
30 August 2006
Panacea to market PT Bio's measles vaccine
12 July 2006
Panacea Biotec, The Nederlands Vaccin Instituut join hands to fight polio
03 May 2006
Biocon Biopharmaceuticals’ new biologics facility
17 April 2006
Biocons' Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw wins Wharton-Infosys business transformation awards
07 January 2006
India's first stem cell transplant centre to go on stream in June 2006
08 December 2005
Reliance Life Sciences to hold global symposium on molecular diagnostics
07 December 2005
Matrix to acquire controlling stake in Concord Biotech
06 December 2005
Reliance Life to invest Rs.1,500 crore in new plant
02 November 2005
TCS signs €1-million first of its kind drug discovery deal with Italy''s Cingenia
05 August 2005
Wockhardt becomes only pharmaceutical Superbrand in India
20 July 2005
Wockhardt joins $billion league
20 July 2005
Nectar Lifesciences to come out with Rs100cr IPO
07 June 2005
GVFL sets up Rs50 crore biotech venture fund
17 March 2005
Global pharmaceutical firms plan investments in India
19 February 2005
Nicholas Piramal signs seven alliances
19 February 2005
Shantha Bio launches DNA Erythropoietin
24 January 2005
Zydus Cadila to host second international symposium on genomics and proteomics
14 January 2005
Shantha Biotech Introduces Shanvac-B in BD UnijectT
10 January 2005
Biocon issue oversubscribed
12 March 2004
Biocon issue will sail through : Kiran Mazumdar
03 March 2004
Product patents a major issue at Bio Asia
01 March 2004
Biocon IPO opens on March 11
28 February 2004
Hyderabad to host BioAsia 2004
11 December 2003
Sanmar buys Bangalore Genei
10 December 2003
Advantage India
07 December 2003
Should we or shouldn''t we?
26 November 2003
Kalam opens human vaccine plant of Indian Immunologicals
03 October 2003
Cloning glory
30 September 2003
Tandon, Balaram bag HK Firodia awards for excellence in science
20 September 2003
Amareshwara Agri Bio to hit markets with Rs 25 crore IPO
18 September 2003
Kerala Govt, Avestha Gengraine sign MoU for biotech promotion
28 August 2003
UK views Indian biotech sector as a potential area for investments
21 July 2003
Green 8 makes its India debut to eliminate radiation hazards
08 July 2003
Kerala has better equipment to take advantage of biotech: Mallya
30 June 2003
Initiative to promote sustainable agri-practices, courtesy CropLife
21 May 2003
Kerala starts an assessment of its potential in biotechnology
22 April 2003
8 MoUs worth about Rs 100 crore signed
03 February 2003
Joint Indo-American alliance in bioinformatics announced
01 February 2003
Biotech Invest meet to attract 26 firms from overseas countries
29 January 2003
Bio-IT set to become the new star in Indian IT firmament
27 December 2002
Karnataka, Vision Group to host International Biotech Event
15 November 2002
VCs say they’re bio shy
09 October 2002
NFPC seeks damages for rice germ plasma
30 August 2002
Motorola to exit research bioarray market
26 July 2002
Human embryo created via cloning
26 November 2001
Bio.Com 2001 - linking VCs and entrepreneurs
05 March 2001
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