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Moser Baer PV Technologies achieves highest thin-film wattage news
09 March 2010

PV Technologies India Limited (PVTIL), a subsidiary of Moser Baer India Limited (MBIL), today announced the successful completion of testing and validation of breakthrough process that will enhance the stable efficiency of its single junction thin film module from 6 per cent to 7.3 per cent.

"PV Technologies India Ltd achieved 7.3 per cent module efficiency through its proprietary process, increasing the module wattage from 340 watt / panel to 400 watt / panel," the company said in a filing with the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

"This is one of the highest efficiency (and wattage) achieved from any amorphous-silicon single junction thin film module of this size globally," the release noted.

Total capacity of Moser Baer PhotoVoltaic thin film plant is now in the range of 50 MW, it said, adding that the enhanced capacity would result in approximately 20 per cent cost advantage on large size modules.

"The scaling up of the single-junction amorphous-silicon process and technology from a stable efficiency of 6 per cent to above 7 per cent would also help the introduction of 400 W product on 5.7 sq metre module in the market by the second quarter of 2010," the release said.

Amorphous silicon is the non-crystalline allotropic form of silicon. It can be deposited in thin films at low temperatures onto a variety of substrates.

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Moser Baer PV Technologies achieves highest thin-film wattage