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Kale Consultants announces new brand positioning, focus on airline, logistics and travel news
12 February 2008

Mumbai: Kale Consultants Ltd has announced its new brand positioning - Industry Solutions, Customised Approach.

The new positioning marks Kale's successes over the years and emphasises the evolution of Kale's business capabilities in recent years.

In a filing with the BSE, the company said that the airlines and travel industry is experiencing tremendous growth opportunities as the world becomes a smaller place and people travel more-whether for work or leisure. Similarly, the air cargo and logistics industry is growing rapidly as world trade globalises and supply chain integration becomes a reality.

However along with this growth, the industry faces huge challenges due to high fuel costs, increased traffic, price competitiveness and constantly evolving business models.

In this context, Kale's exclusive focus on the airline, logistics and travel (ALT) industry, provides sharpened understanding of the challenges and trends that drive the industry, and strategic partnerships with key industry bodies enable them to take cognisance and participate in emerging industry initiatives.

Kale's solutions and offerings incorporate depth of domain knowledge with industry best practices, resulting in Kale's position as thought leaders and innovators in their chosen industry segments. Kale thus offers holistic "Industry Solutions" that deliver planned business benefits and cater to current as well as future needs.

Kale offers a wide portfolio of solutions and services ranging from:

1. Analysis to Execution
2. Technology to Processing
3. Products to Bespoke projects
4. Small to Multi-year contracts
5. Attuned to Global and Local requirements

Speaking on the occasion, Vipul Jain, managing director and CEO said, "Kale has never been the typical IT Company. Starting as a product company when not many companies were willing to invest in building IPR, we have built an indomitable bank of domain knowledge. This has helped us in expanding our scope of offerings to include Managed Process Services, Hosting services, Technology and Consulting Services. The success of our endeavours is best shown in the growth of our Airline, Logistics and Travel business from $2 million ten years ago to close to $30 million by the end of this financial year."

"The new positioning reflects these successes and positively positions us towards the target of becoming a $100 million company in the next three to four years. We are very excited about this new challenge within Kale, and are sure our current and prospective clients will look forward to our future engagements. The positioning is also geared towards our current and prospective employees. Kale is a treasure trove of talent and innovation. We have amongst us people who have joined us in the early stages of their career and have gone on to become industry stalwarts in their space. The positioning highlights the immense potential that Kale offers to its employees."

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Kale Consultants announces new brand positioning, focus on airline, logistics and travel