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Indian managers more concious of energy efficiency than those in the West: Johnson Controls survey news
09 June 2009

A survey by Johnson Controls, a global provider of sustainable energy and building related products, reveals rising awareness among business leaders for energy efficient solutions and how these can reduce operating costs.

The Energy Efficiency Indicator (EEI) survey was conducted among professionals engaged in energy management and revealed a high degree of awareness about energy management and efficiency.

Key results


  • 47% of respondents paid more attention to energy efficiency compared to last year
  • 94% felt energy management was extremely / very important 
  • 62% reported increase in expenditure for energy efficiency 
  • 72% felt operating budgets could do more towards energy efficiency 
  • Over 92% gave priority to energy efficiency for new constructions and renovations 
  • 17% were looking for green building certifications for new constructions only 
  • 14% considered using solar energy 
  • 22% were interested in solar thermal technology for new constructions 
  • 21% of companies have a publicly stated carbon reduction goal in India (North America: 12%)
  • 37% expected legislation for energy efficiency and/or carbon reduction in the next 2 years 
  • 18% felt government incentives could help them make energy efficiency decisions 
  • Energy monitoring frequency: daily (40%), weekly (10%)

''The findings highlight the fact that business leaders are becoming increasingly aware of the need for energy efficiency and the potential impact this can have on reducing operating costs," said Pramoda Karkal, vice president and managing director, building efficiency, Johnson Controls, India. 

Karkal added, "The reduction of green house gas emissions is an advantage that the leaders seek in this world of growing awareness of sustainability issues.''

The company conducted a similar survey in North America among more than 1,400 executives dealing with management, review and monitoring of energy use. While an almost similar percentage of respondents (India: 94 per cent, North America: 93 per cent) considered making energy efficiency a priority for new and planned constructions and renovations, 18 per cent in India were investing for reducing costs compared to 7 per cent in  North America, and an equal percentage (37 per cent) of respondents in both regions were investing for both reducing costs and for environment reasons.

In measures like energy efficient lighting, building management system etc, India rated higher.
''It is interesting to note the higher interest in energy efficiency in India as compared to North America. It is also to be noted that the commitment to invest in energy efficiency is higher in India than in the North America. However, both believe that regulation and aligning incentives will drive significant investments in energy efficiency,'' said Manoj Raathor, director, clinton climate initiative, Johnson Controls.

India's fast growing economy has meant growing burden on its energy resources as well. Coal supplies more than half of its energy requirements (53%) followed by oil (31per cent). In 2006, it was ranked as the sixth largest consumer of oil globally. Natural gas supplies 8 per cent and hydroelectric power provides 6 per cent of its energy consumption (EIA International Energy Annual 2006 data).

According to International Energy Agency, India needs to invest about $1.25 trillion (in year 2006) in energy infrastructure between now and 2030, three fourth of this falling in the power sector. The demand for energy  in India is expected to double by 2030, at an average rate of 3.6 per cent per year.

The EEI survey in India was conducted through direct face-to-face interviews with over 1,100 corporate leaders. In North America, over 1,400 leaders participated in an on-line survey, conducted in April 2009. 

Johnson Controls India is a global leader in sustainable building solutions, from heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration systems to building controls, fire and security solutions and energy efficient buildings.

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Indian managers more concious of energy efficiency than those in the West: Johnson Controls survey