Sacked Google worker files discrimination, harassment case
22 February 2018
Telangana keen on FSOC tech from Google X for internet in remote areas
22 February 2018
You might be paying too much for ads on Google, Bing
22 February 2018
Microsoft’s Bing browser to benefit after Google kills “view image” button
19 February 2018
Google partners with Getty, removes “View Image” from results
16 February 2018
Google to soon mark all HTTP sites as non-secure
10 February 2018
CCI slaps Rs136-cr fine on Google for search manipulation
09 February 2018
Google, Tata Trusts expand ‘Internet Saathi’ in TN to empower women
08 February 2018
Google buys Chelsea Market building for $2 bn
07 February 2018
Google's car unit Waymo, FCA sign deal for supply of Chrysler Pacifica minivans
31 January 2018
Ex-Google duo creates autonomous car for grocery, hot pizza deliveries
31 January 2018
Google’s new Chrome version allows users to mute autoplay ad videos
27 January 2018
CEO Sundar Pichai says he has no regrets over firing James Damore, for criticising Google's diversity policy
22 January 2018
Google takes down 60 gaming apps after malicious software reported
13 January 2018
Google engineer fired for memo questioning diversity policies, files class-action suit
09 January 2018
Google’s Gbikes are routinely ‘stolen’; locals see it as CSR service
08 January 2018
Google leads $120-mn investment in Chinese live-stream mobile game platform Chushou
06 January 2018
‘Dutch Sandwich’: Google uses Bermuda shell co to save billions in tax
03 January 2018
Google’s Project Loon balloon crashes in Kenya
02 January 2018
Google extension found using users’ CPUs to mine cryptocurrency
01 January 2018
Google may open physical stores in India for Pixel phones
26 December 2017
‘Adult supervision no longer needed’: Eric Schmidt to step aside at Alphabet
22 December 2017
Google tightening app security, enhancing performance of smartphones
21 December 2017
Google News bars publications masking country of origin
18 December 2017
Amazon to sell Apple TV and Google Chromecast devices
16 December 2017
Alphabet `X’ sells new wireless internet technology to Andhra Pradesh
15 December 2017
Google looks to China for AI growth seven years after leaving the country
14 December 2017
YouTube to crack down on abusive videos targeting children
05 December 2017
Google, Facebook under Australian competition body’s scanner
04 December 2017
Google sued in UK for ‘illegally’ mining data from iPhones
02 December 2017
Uber Waymo dispute: Letter alleges secretive effort by Uber to spy on competitors
30 November 2017
Google granted patent for smart, motorised laptop lid
27 November 2017
Google teams up with Pluralsight, Udacity to train 1.3 lakh Indian youth
25 November 2017
Russia warns Google of retaliation if RT, Sputnik search rankings lowered
22 November 2017
Tesla releases powerbank for Android phones and iPhones
20 November 2017
Google update allows Google Assistant to broadcast messages via Google Home speakers
14 November 2017
Study finds phishing attacks pose greatest threat to Google services users
11 November 2017
Google reported in talks to acquire Mumbai-based Just Dial
10 November 2017
Google affiliate Waymo to put first fully driver-less cars on road
08 November 2017
Salesforce, Google join forces in cloud, apps deal
07 November 2017
Texas shooting: Google spread misinformation, conspiracy theories
07 November 2017
Fake version of WhatsApp found on Google Play Store
06 November 2017
Google’s first Indian Cloud platform goes operational in Mumbai
02 November 2017
Facebook, Twitter, Google unveil extent of Russian meddling
02 November 2017
Smartphones allow Google to track what users are doing at all times
31 October 2017
With cheese on top? Google’s Pichai to give burger emoji top priority
30 October 2017
Google hammering out revenue-sharing model with publishers; details unclear
23 October 2017
Google to offer 'bug bounty' in all-out war on malware
20 October 2017
Uber rival Lyft raises funds from Google arm ahead of public offer in 2018
20 October 2017
Google patches Home Mini to end inadvertant snooping
12 October 2017
Google Fibre drops TV service, to focus on internet
09 October 2017
Google ends ‘first-click free’ policy to help publishers seeking paywall
03 October 2017
Google Cloud banking on AI, machine learning to compete with Amazon, Microsoft in India
27 September 2017
Many YouTube videos glorify alcohol
21 September 2017
Google inks $1.1 bn deal with Taiwan’s HTC to buy Pixel staff
21 September 2017
Google’s payment app Google Tez goes live
18 September 2017
Alphabet asks federal judge to delay trial in Uber dispute
18 September 2017
Google to allow users to permanently mute sites, block autoplay of videos in upcoming Chrome version
16 September 2017
Google Glass app helps autistic children with social interactions
16 September 2017
Three women sue Google over alleged gender pay disparities
15 September 2017
Google appeals record €2.4 billion antitrust fine levied by EU
12 September 2017
Alphabet forms new holding company XXVI Holdings Inc
02 September 2017
Google-funded think tank sacks scholar who praised EU penalty
01 September 2017
Net neutrality: it’s AT&T, Comcast vs. Google, Facebook, Amazon
01 September 2017
YouTube redesigns mobile app and logo
30 August 2017
Google error disrupts internet access in Japan
30 August 2017
Google refunds advertisers for traffic generated by bots
28 August 2017
Google may be 3 years ahead of Apple in autonomous car tech
26 August 2017
Judge nixes AT&T’s attempt to stall Google Fiber construction
18 August 2017
Google acquires Indian professor’s health monitoring startup Senois Health
17 August 2017
Google testing lighter version of ‘Search’ app for slow internet connections
17 August 2017
Google awards $10,000 to Uruguayan high school student under its Vulnerability Reward Programme
16 August 2017
Google to pay Apple $3 bn to remain iOS default search engine
16 August 2017
Google sacks engineer over memo defending gender bias
09 August 2017
Internal memo takes a swipe at Google’s diversity policy
07 August 2017
Google said to have expressed interest in buying Snap for $30-bn last year
05 August 2017
Google to discontinue Instant Search feature
27 July 2017
Google search results and map tools to now feature SOS Alerts
26 July 2017
Alphabet appoints Sundar Pichai to its board of directors
25 July 2017
Alphabet Q2 net at record $3.5bn despite Google's $2.7bn EU fine
25 July 2017
Google releases 20 mn mosquitoes in Fresno in project aimed at abating Aedes aegypti menace
19 July 2017
Google introduces Glass Enterprise Edition
19 July 2017
Microsoft, Google lobby for strong net neutrality rules
18 July 2017
AI start-up Halli Labs becomes Google’s first acquisition in India
13 July 2017
Google spared $1.3-bn tax bill after French court rejects government demand
13 July 2017
Google, FB up in arms as US seeks to overturn net neutrality
12 July 2017
Waymo withdraws number of patent claims against Uber in suit over AV technology
08 July 2017
Google funds project for robots to write news stories
08 July 2017
Google launches Dandelion for affordable geothermal heating, cooling systems
08 July 2017
Canada’s Supreme Court upholds lower court ruling on Google web search
29 June 2017
EC fines Google record $2.7 bn for misusing shopping service
27 June 2017
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Microsoft in pact to fight terror content
27 June 2017
Google replaces Google Talk with Hangouts
27 June 2017
Waymo signs deal with car rental firm Avis for driver-less fleet management
27 June 2017
Cook, Bezos, Pichai gung-ho about India in meet with PM
27 June 2017
Google to stop scanning Gmail messages for targeted ads
24 June 2017
Google faces over $1bn EU fine over anti-trust issues
19 June 2017
After Amazon, Google shares hit record $1,000
06 June 2017
Google to introduce ad blocker to Chrome next year
02 June 2017
Google adds another security feature to Gmail
01 June 2017
Google co-founder Sergey Brin building huge $150-mn blimp
27 May 2017
Google associate illegally accessed 1.6 mn NHS patient files
17 May 2017
Uber ordered to return stolen confidential files to Waymo
16 May 2017
Lyft, Waymo to jointly develop self-driving car tech
15 May 2017
US judge rejects Uber’s bid take Waymo case to arbitration
12 May 2017
Google busts email phishing scam
04 May 2017
Google ropes in user feedback to help battle fake news
26 April 2017
Uber engineer who left Waymo with AV documents not to get relief under fifth amendment
26 April 2017
Google to introduce ad blocking feature in Chrome browser
20 April 2017
Google settles with Russian authorities over Android
18 April 2017
Google rejects US labour department allegations of gender discrimination on pay
11 April 2017
Google claims its TensorFlow Processor 15 to 30 times faster than GPUs and CPUs
10 April 2017
Google to invest 1 trillion won in LG Display division to ramp up production of flexible OLED panels: reports
10 April 2017
Google, Facebook take steps to blow whistle on fake news
10 April 2017
Google launches Google Play Music subscription in India
07 April 2017
Alphabet to place ads on YouTube only after 10,000 views
07 April 2017
Uber’s Anthony Levandowsky invokes Fifth Amendment rights
01 April 2017
Alphabet’s Waymo in bid to arbitrate claims against former employee
30 March 2017
Google mulling action against Symantec over improper SSL certificates
25 March 2017
Hate content: Now, J&J, GSK, join others in suspending ads on Google
24 March 2017
Google, MeitY team up to boost India’s digital payments ecosystem
24 March 2017
Google Street View cars are eyes on the ground for urban methane leaks
22 March 2017
Google slammed by UK advertisers over failure to throttle ads on extremist content
22 March 2017
Fraud case: Google to fight Minnesota cops’ warrant for data
18 March 2017
Uber seeks arbitration for patent infringement lawsuit by Waymo
17 March 2017
Gmail introduces direct video streaming facility
17 March 2017
iPhone case allows users to run Android on second screen
15 March 2017
Google in pact with Levis to make connected jackets
14 March 2017
Google, Reliance Jio working on affordable smartphone: Report
14 March 2017
Waymo, Google’s self-driving company presents new evidence in battle against Uber
11 March 2017
Google pitches higher-level services at Google Cloud Next Conference
11 March 2017
Google trains computers to detect breast cancer
07 March 2017
Gmail users can now receive 50-MB mails
03 March 2017
YouTube to offer live TV streaming service
02 March 2017
Users watch 1 bn hours of YouTube every single day
01 March 2017
Google's-parent Alphabet sues Uber for ‘stealing’ autonomous car tech
24 February 2017
Google, Microsoft agree to block piracy sites in UK-brokered deal
21 February 2017
Alphabet’s Project Loon hits high gear despite Lankan snag
18 February 2017
Amazon Echo, Google Home could act more like telephones: report
16 February 2017
Google to ban torrent sites soon
13 February 2017
Oracle revives legal battle over APIs with Google
11 February 2017
Apple, Facebook, Google writing to Trump on travel ban changes
06 February 2017
Google must share emails stored on foreign servers with FBI: US judge
06 February 2017
Google overtakes Apple as world’s most valuable brand
04 February 2017
Gmail to stop supporting older versions of Chrome browser
03 February 2017
India tops the world in download on Google Play Store
21 January 2017
Google to acquire Twitter’s mobile app developer platform Fabric
19 January 2017
Phishing attack that targets Gmail users spreading
18 January 2017
US files lawsuit against Google for compensation data
05 January 2017
Google rolls out high-speed Wi-Fi service at 100th station
23 December 2016
Google employee sues company over “illegal confidentiality agreements”
22 December 2016
Apple, Google, Uber, others say ‘no’ to Muslim registry
17 December 2016
Google bares FBI demands for user data for first time
14 December 2016
Google spins off self-driving car unit to new company Waymo
14 December 2016
Google scaling down driver-less car AV project : reports
13 December 2016
Google inks deal to speed up internet in Cuba
13 December 2016
Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft launch initiative to remove extremist content
06 December 2016
SC seeks response from search engines, FB on rape videos
06 December 2016
Google algorithm on-par with doctors in detecting diabetic retinopathy
02 December 2016
New variant of Android malware breaches security of 1 mn Google accounts
01 December 2016
Google and Novartis put off scheduled test of smart contact lens
22 November 2016
Google plans 1-mn sq ft building in post-Brexit London to house 7,000 engineers
16 November 2016
Google faces flak after search engine highlights false election story
15 November 2016
Google formally rejects EU antitrust charges
05 November 2016
Google’s Android grabs 87.5% of market, but challenges ahead
04 November 2016
Researchers use Google Glass to teach Morse code in four hours
02 November 2016
Google News to include “Fact Check” label to stop wrong news stories
18 October 2016
Google, FB team up with Chinese firm for cable under Pacific
13 October 2016
Google sees new high for data requests; India 4th on list
13 October 2016
Google’s first self-driving Chrysler Pacifica minivans spotted in San Francisco
13 October 2016
Google acquires digital technology start-up FameBit
12 October 2016
Apple, Google, Coca-Cola top list of 100 most valuable brands
06 October 2016
EU regulators may tell Google to end financial incentives to smartphone makers
03 October 2016
Google’s Project Shield restores net security expert Brian Krebs’ site after massive DDoS attack
03 October 2016
US media dismisses Trump’s claims of Google manipulation
30 September 2016
Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM join hands on AI
30 September 2016
Google expands home delivery shopping Google Express
29 September 2016
Google in Airbnb's $555 mn funding round
26 September 2016
Google’s AV involved in most serious crash to date
26 September 2016
Google, Salesforce, Microsoft eyeing Twitter: reports
24 September 2016
Google’s Pixel smartphones to be unveiled on 4 October
23 September 2016
Indonesia wants Google to pay five years’ back taxes
20 September 2016
Google acquires California-based startup
20 September 2016
Google to redesign Gmail to make emails more reader-friendly on mobile
15 September 2016
Google to buy cloud software company Apigee for $625 mn
09 September 2016
Google to partner with Box to work on integrating products
09 September 2016
Jio app downloads beat WhatsApp, Facebook on Google Play
08 September 2016
Google shelves its modular mobile project: reports
03 September 2016
Amazon, Google, dozens others back Microsoft in privacy battle
03 September 2016
End of road for Nexus as Google banks on Sailfish, Marlin
01 September 2016
Google taking Nest engineers to work on the smart home
31 August 2016
EC proposing new content levy for sites using stories from providers such as newspapers
27 August 2016
Google X’s Self-Driving Car unit hires Airbnb's Shaun Stewart
27 August 2016
Alphabet seeking to downsize Google Fiber to cut costs
26 August 2016
Google to penalise mobile sites with pop-up ads
25 August 2016
After Google, Facebook to tie up with Railways for Wi-Fi
25 August 2016
Apple, Google join hands to strike at Robocallers
20 August 2016
Google working on new operating system to power IoT: reports
16 August 2016
Google to launch video chatting app Duo
16 August 2016
Google rolls out new Gmail security that warns of unsafe links
13 August 2016
Google seeking permission to test high-speed wireless broadband
11 August 2016
New Android flaw Quadrooter affects 900 mn devices
09 August 2016
Google and Dashlane team up to ease password access
06 August 2016
Tweets better than Google Trends at forecasting TV program ratings
04 August 2016
Technology giant Google rolls out “Stay in the Loop” feature
01 August 2016
Google’s free Wi-Fi at rly stations proves boon to millions
30 July 2016
Google to notify location details to authorities in initiative to aid emergency callers
27 July 2016
Google cuts data-centre energy consumption by 15% with AI
22 July 2016
Indian schoolboy develops app to aid fishermen straying across boundaries
21 July 2016
Data demands to Google reach new high; US tops list
20 July 2016
Google Search to offer guidance on voter registration for US elections
16 July 2016
EU regulators charge Google with blocking rivals in online search advertising
15 July 2016
Google acquires start-up web site link-sharing platform Kifi
14 July 2016
Marshmallow continues to grow: Google data
13 July 2016
Google to train 2 million Indians on Android platform
12 July 2016
Google took almost a year to fix known flaw in Android smartphones: researcher
09 July 2016
Google working to protect Chrome from quantum hacking
08 July 2016
Google reveals how its self-driving cars distinguish drivers from cyclists
07 July 2016
Google files contempt case against Oracle for divulging details of Apple deal
06 July 2016
Twitter appoints ex-Facebook and Google executive Bret Taylor on board of directors
06 July 2016
SC irate at sex determination ads on search engines
06 July 2016
Google's US - Japan undersea cable commissioned
04 July 2016
Google’s underwater internet cable activated
30 June 2016
Google upgrades mapping service via Landsat 8 satellite
30 June 2016
EU brings third charge against Google's ad tactics
29 June 2016
Google chief Sundar Pichai’s Quora account hacked
28 June 2016
Boston Dynamics releases video introducing SpotMini quadruped robot for domestic use
27 June 2016
Google launches app-development course for the uninitiated
24 June 2016
Google Fiber acquires San Francisco ISP Webpass
23 June 2016
Google enables users to access email accounts with a smartphone instead of a password
21 June 2016
Google India claims 1.5 mn users for its high-speed Wi-Fi at 19 railway stations
21 June 2016
Chromecast shipments surpass Apple TV for the first time: IHS
11 June 2016
India says ‘no’ to Google Street View
10 June 2016
Google ties up with Tata Trust for rural internet initiative
09 June 2016
Google teaches self-driving cars how to honk
03 June 2016
India’s e-retailing to be worth $60 bn by 2020: Google-Kearney
01 June 2016
Toyota to buy Google's robotics sibling Boston Dynamics: reports
30 May 2016
Google wins court battle against Oracle over Java
27 May 2016
Will Google’s next Android OS be Neyappam? It’s up to you!
27 May 2016
Google to open Detroit office for self-driving cars
26 May 2016
Google’s Paris HQ raided over tax evasion, money laundering
25 May 2016
Google, Oracle present closing arguments in Java API case
24 May 2016
Google’s new messaging app Allo draws criticism over privacy concerns
23 May 2016
Google’s modular phone to debut next year
21 May 2016
Levi’s-Google jacket – the last word in wearable technology
21 May 2016
Chromebook shipments outpace Apple’s Macs for the first time in most recent quarter: IDC
20 May 2016
Google appeals against French decision on 'right to be forgotten' globally
20 May 2016
Google patents sticky technology to protect pedestrians hit by self-driving cars
19 May 2016
New Google camera makes copying artworks a snap
18 May 2016
Google to phase out support to Flash Player in Chrome browser
16 May 2016
EU antitrust regulator to fine Google record €3 bn for manipulating search results
16 May 2016
Google to not display payday lenders' ads
12 May 2016
Google considering black links for search results
11 May 2016
US regulators seek information about security updates for phones, software from technology majors
10 May 2016
Oracle, Google to face each other in legal battle over APIs
09 May 2016
Google Maps may soon need permission to depict India
06 May 2016
Idea ties up with Google Play for card-less purchases
06 May 2016
Apple hires GoogleX lab co-founder Yoky Matsuoka
05 May 2016
Google, Fiat Chrysler tie up for driverless cars
04 May 2016
Google acquires Synergyse to train Google Apps users
03 May 2016
Google in overdrive to make driver-less cars street legal
02 May 2016
Google applies to patent injectable device to replace natural lens in eye
30 April 2016
Google Street View car catches itself speeding
30 April 2016
Motorola ex-chief Rick Osterloh joins Google
29 April 2016
Google joins carmakers to push for speedy adoption of autonomous cars
27 April 2016
Google, Facebook, Cisco at risk of sinking – literally
25 April 2016
Tech giants Microsoft Corp and Google smoke peace pipe
23 April 2016
Google's parent Alphabet’s Q1 profit fails to impress at $4.21 billion
23 April 2016
Google remains India’s most attractive employer
21 April 2016
Google study reveals 760,935 sites hacked in 1 year
20 April 2016
Bing is safer than, suggests Google itself!
20 April 2016
Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs to build “digital city”: Report
18 April 2016
Google extends free Wi-Fi to 10 railway stations
16 April 2016
Google’s near-free service in Kansas leaves many questions
11 April 2016
Google launches health cards in India to allow users to access health information
06 April 2016
Google pulling the plug on Wallet Card
01 April 2016
Google draws user ire over failed April Fool’s Day prank
01 April 2016
Google plans to launch Fiber Phone service with unlimited domestic calling
30 March 2016
Oracle demands $9.3 bn in damages for use of Java in Android
29 March 2016
Google to launch updated security warning system for Gmail users
26 March 2016
Google Glass promises breakthrough in organ monitoring
23 March 2016
Google’s parent Alphabet to sell robotics company Boston Dynamics
18 March 2016
Apple takes part of iCloud to Google Cloud Platform
17 March 2016
Google reveals 77% encryption of its online traffic
16 March 2016
Google joins Facebook’s Open Compute Project, proposes new design for server racks
10 March 2016
Google hires 4chan's Chris Poole
08 March 2016
Google building secret transmitter at Spaceport America
05 March 2016
Thinking it’s hacked Google, ISIS hits small Indian website
04 March 2016
Google’s self-driving car involved in bus accident at Silicon Valley street
01 March 2016
Facebook, MS, Google to back Apple decryption battle
27 February 2016
Google confirms plan to bring Google Fiber to San Francisco
25 February 2016
Google setting up first Asia-focused hub in Singapore
20 February 2016
Google gives thumbs-down to its own Google+
19 February 2016
Gmailify offers Gmail features to Yahoo, Outlook users
19 February 2016
‘Project Loon’ balloon crashes in Lanka; Google unfazed
19 February 2016
Project Loon: Alphabet’s ‘captain of moonshots’
17 February 2016
Wikipedia plans search engine to rival Google, Bing
17 February 2016
Google won’t participate in US spectrum auction
15 February 2016
Indian net users more conscious about online safety: Google India
11 February 2016
Google adds enhanced safety feature to Gmail
10 February 2016
US regulator allows computer to drive
10 February 2016
New stock grant makes Google’s Pichai top-paid CEO
09 February 2016
Alphabet seeks wireless charging for self-driving cars
06 February 2016
Google software engineer designs ‘smart mirror’ powered by Android
05 February 2016
Google Safe Browsing to alert users on unsafe sites
05 February 2016
Google shuts Google Play for ad-blockers
05 February 2016
Google testing self-driven cars in Wahington
04 February 2016
Google pioneer Amit Singhal retires; Giannandrea to take over
04 February 2016
Berkeley students sue Google for privacy breach
02 February 2016
Gmail is Google’s 7th service to hit 1-bn user mark
02 February 2016
Alphabet pips Apple as world’s most valuable firm
02 February 2016
Secret Google project to deliver 5G internet via drones
30 January 2016
Google to pay £130 mn in UK back taxes
25 January 2016
Mumbai Central becomes first railway station to offer free Google Wifi!
23 January 2016
Google paid Apple $1 bn to be default search bar in 2014
22 January 2016
Pakistan unblocks YouTube after nearly three years
19 January 2016
Google creates new virtual reality computing division
15 January 2016
Google-Lenovo to launch Tango smartphone at $500
08 January 2016
Google working on password-free login
23 December 2015
Google in talks with Ford Motor to help build driver-less cars
23 December 2015
Google CEO Sundar Pichai meets PM; Project Loon is on
18 December 2015
Google to partner BSNL for Project Loon as Pichai pitches for a bigger India market
17 December 2015
Google Project Fi adds support for tablets
16 December 2015
Google holds proof of working of Quantum computer
14 December 2015
Google claims its quantum computer works
11 December 2015
India home to third-largest number of tech startups: Google
10 December 2015
Google files patent for device to draw blood without needles
08 December 2015
Google CEO Sundar Pichai to visit India later this month
05 December 2015
Nadella, Pichai to visit India in December
04 December 2015
Google blames bug for search results pushing down Yelp and TripAdivsor
27 November 2015
Duke Energy to supply solar power for Google’s North Carolina server farm
27 November 2015
Google’s North Carolina server farm to run on solar power from Duke Energy
26 November 2015
Doctors use Google Glass to restore blood flow to a patient's blocked right coronary artery
21 November 2015
Microsoft, Google offer free Skype, Hangouts calls to France for few days
16 November 2015
Google’s new Gmail feature warns users when emails come from an unencrypted source
14 November 2015
Traffic police pulls up Google’s smart car for slow driving
13 November 2015
Google may start making its own Android handsets
13 November 2015
Google open-sources AI engine of its core services
10 November 2015
Google exposes vulnerabilities in Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone
04 November 2015
Hard hit by e-retailers, Google ends GOSF
04 November 2015
Flipkart hires Google exec to head consumer experience
04 November 2015
Google in project to give India internet via balloon
03 November 2015
Google aims to launch drone delivery by 2017
03 November 2015
Symantec slammed by Google over fake security certificates
31 October 2015
Microsoft launches Chrome add-on for quick access to Office Online apps
30 October 2015
Google’s Project Loon to launch 300 balloon next year in bid to encircle the globe
29 October 2015
Alphabet’s Q3 net vaults over 45% to $3.98 bn
23 October 2015
Yahoo signs pact with Google to earn revenue from ads displayed on its site
21 October 2015
Facebook in all-out bid to take on Twitter, YouTube
19 October 2015
US court rejects copyright case against Google
19 October 2015
Facebook moves with new features to take on YouTube
16 October 2015
Google’s Omid Kordestani to become Twitter's executive chairman
15 October 2015
Symphony raises $100 mn from Google, others
13 October 2015
Google’s ‘don’t do evil’ is now Alphabet’s ‘do the right thing’
05 October 2015
Google files patent to use holograms on Google Glass
05 October 2015
Amazon to stop selling Apple TV and Chromecast devices
05 October 2015
Google all set to launch India Street View
03 October 2015 sold for Rs790 … oops! Not really
01 October 2015
Microsoft, Google end world war over patents, call truce in US, Germany
01 October 2015
Google announces new advertising service within videos on YouTube
30 September 2015
Google to unveil new products on Tuesday
28 September 2015
Modi hooks Microsoft, Google, Qualcom and Facebook to `Digital India'
28 September 2015
Google under FTC probe for limiting competitor access to Android mobile OS
26 September 2015
Gmail users can now block specific email addresses
25 September 2015
Facebook, Google pin hopes on Modi for Indian expansion
24 September 2015
France rejects Google’s appeal against “right to be forgotten”
22 September 2015
Bug found that crashes Chrome browser with 16 character link
22 September 2015
Google launches app to predict future
21 September 2015
Google probe report ‘only beginning’: CCI chief
19 September 2015
NIMH chief Thomas Insel to head Google Life Sciences
18 September 2015
No plans to manufacture cars: Google
16 September 2015
Russian regulator accuses Google og abusing market dominance
15 September 2015
Google asks CCI for access to probe documents
14 September 2015
Google to provide free Wi-Fi at 400 Indian railway stations
14 September 2015
Google to work with publishers and Twitter to create new kind of web link and article storage system
12 September 2015
Google to start testing delivery service for fresh food and groceries
09 September 2015
YouTube may provide viewership data to advertisers
07 September 2015
Google to return to mainland China by fall
05 September 2015
Google adds voice typing and other features to Google Docs
04 September 2015
Google to down-rank websites that aggressively promote mobile apps
02 September 2015
India’s anti-trust probe into Google enters next phase
01 September 2015
European, US anti-trust bodies closing in on Google
01 September 2015
Google to send three self-driving cars to Austin for testing
31 August 2015
Google charged with rigging search results in India by CCI
31 August 2015
Google rejects EU antitrust charges of abusing market power
28 August 2015
IAMAI opposes zero-rate plans under Google's pressure in submission to DoT
25 August 2015
Google, Twitter extend mobile partnership to desktop search
22 August 2015
UK Information Commissioner asks Google to remove nine links to current news stories
21 August 2015
Internet search giant Google pushing IAMAI to drop zero rating from submission to DoT
21 August 2015
Tenth grader Anmol Tukrel betters on Google search
20 August 2015
Google reports data loss at data centre in Belgium after lightning strike
20 August 2015
Facebook takes over from Google as traffic driver to news sites and publishers
19 August 2015
Google gets two more weeks to answer EU charges
14 August 2015
Google’s Niantic Labs to become independent company
13 August 2015
Google restructured under holding arm `Alphabet’, Sundar Pichai made CEO
11 August 2015
Google asks CNIL to review “right to be forgotten order”
07 August 2015
Google in talks with Sri Lanka to provide connectivity with Project Loon
31 July 2015
Google’s new feature makes it easier to send instant messages via Google Now
30 July 2015
Google patents device to record events and allow users to relive them
29 July 2015
Google to give eligible start-ups free patents
24 July 2015
Advanced digital engagement could mean revenue growth of 27%:study
22 July 2015
Google shares zoom 16.3%, add $65 bn market value in a day
18 July 2015
Google reports first accident involving its self-driving car
17 July 2015
Google to add buy buttons on smartphone trials
16 July 2015
Microsoft says Edge is 112% faster than Google's Chrome
16 July 2015
Carmakers limiting access to information they shared with Apple, Google
11 July 2015
Google announces new tool for Gmail to fight spam
10 July 2015
Yahoo letting Google test search skills on its online properties
03 July 2015
Study finds Google prioritises own services over rivals
30 June 2015
Google starts testing latest self-driving car prototypes with safety drivers aboard
26 June 2015
Google to crack down on ‘revenge porn’
20 June 2015
Google slips on privacy rankings in EFF’s annual “Who’s Got Your Back” survey
19 June 2015
Google in pact with Permira to bid for Tesco’s Clubcard
19 June 2015
Google adds real-time trends to Google Trends
19 June 2015
Google Chrome to get Mac-friendly
15 June 2015
Google launches live streaming gaming service, YouTube Gaming to rival Amazon's twitch
13 June 2015
Google announces launch of new feature to make surfing faster on slow internet connections
11 June 2015
Google's Android Pay not to get fees from MasterCard, Visa
09 June 2015
Apple Inc to set up high-speed network to compete with Amazon, Google and others
09 June 2015
Google brings offline search maps for Android devices
29 May 2015
Google hopes to gobble up e-comm giants with ‘buy’ button
29 May 2015
50% Indian women find no reason to access the net
25 May 2015
Google files patent for interactive toys
25 May 2015
NSA planned to hack Google, Samsung app stores: report
22 May 2015
User account secret questions not secure: Google
22 May 2015
Google launches smart smartphone cases
21 May 2015
Google Tone allows users to share URLs by sound
21 May 2015
Google to display tweets in search results
20 May 2015
Google to add "Shop" button to Search
16 May 2015
Google processes nearly a million links under ‘right to be forgotten’ after EU court ruling
14 May 2015
Google adds railway schedules, public transport in eight Indian cities to Google Transit
13 May 2015
Facebook testing mobile search app to let readers skip Google News
12 May 2015
Google's self-driving cars involved in 11 collisions
12 May 2015
Dropbox's new extension for Chrome makes sharing storage easier
07 May 2015
Google’s Person Finder app helps connect families with missing persons in quake-hit Nepal
27 April 2015
Google Q1 net up 3.88% at $3.59 bn; revenue rises 12% to $17.26 bn
25 April 2015
Google announces wireless service for Nexus 6 smartphone users
24 April 2015
SUVs driving used car demand in India: Google report
22 April 2015
New internet revolution in offing with Google’s Loon
21 April 2015
Comcast to offer superfast 2Gbps internet to take on AT&T and Google Fiber
18 April 2015
EC accuses Google of distorting internet search results
16 April 2015
Google enters race to enhance battery power
14 April 2015
EU close to bringing charges against Google in antitrust case
14 April 2015
Google granted patent for system that blocks spoilers
13 April 2015
Flipkart makes Google's Peeyush Ranjan senior VP
10 April 2015
YouTube viewers to get skip-ads option
10 April 2015
Google working on new teleconferencing product GMeet: reports
10 April 2015
Consumer advocates complain to FTC against new ad for YouTube Kids app
08 April 2015
Google’s wireless service may allow free global roaming
07 April 2015
Google in discussions with mobile operators to allow free roaming on its network
07 April 2015
Google's Planetary Ventures takes control of NASA's Moffett Federal Airfield on lease
04 April 2015
Google’s move over digital certificates annoys Chinese net administrator
04 April 2015
Shocking: Google says 5% of users have ad-injection malware
02 April 2015
Google turns any TV into computer for under $100
02 April 2015
FTC regrets release of Google report documents
28 March 2015
Google to improve Chrome scrolling experience using IE standard
27 March 2015
Google to launch easy online payment via Gmail this year
25 March 2015
Google to launch localised, flexible TV ads via Fiber service
23 March 2015
WhatsApp releases voice-calling feature for All Android users
14 March 2015
China’s Alibaba to tie up with Google for Snapdeal stake
12 March 2015
Google tweaks search norms to show more corporate news
12 March 2015
Google opens first-ever branded shop in London
11 March 2015
Google developing virtual reality version of Android OS: reports
07 March 2015
HBO network in talks with Apple Inc, Google for new streaming service
05 March 2015
Flipkart hires Google ex-exec Punit Soni as product chief
05 March 2015
Google to launch contest for PM Modi’s ‘MyGov’ initiative
03 March 2015
Google confirms MVNO plans with existing partners
03 March 2015
Google acquires .app web domain for $25 mn
02 March 2015
Microsoft to end chat for Facebook, Google in
27 February 2015
Say bye to Google Talk, say hi to Hangout
27 February 2015
Google to invest in SolarCity’s residential solar project
27 February 2015
Google, Lenovo hit by DNS attack
26 February 2015
Google’s AI program can teach itself video games from scratch
26 February 2015
Google acquires Red Hot Labs
25 February 2015
Google in pact with AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon over Google Wallet
24 February 2015
Bug causing Gmail to send messages to wrong unintended recipients
24 February 2015
Google, Apple in fight for the car dashboard
24 February 2015
Google Carousel to make sifting through mobile search results easier
23 February 2015
California court rejects two class-action suits against Google
21 February 2015
Google in talks with government over Project Loon: reports
18 February 2015
Working with government to bring internet, energy projects to India: Google
13 February 2015
Scientists analyse plants’ health in seconds with Google Glass app
12 February 2015
Google advisory council for limiting ‘Right to be forgotten’ to Europe
09 February 2015
Google’s new Hangouts service to replace Gtalk messenger
09 February 2015
Real time tweets to appear in Google search results
05 February 2015
Apple edges past Android in US for the first time since 2012: Study
05 February 2015
Google 3D-scanning camera helps shoppers search and navigate aisles
04 February 2015
Google denies reports of starting taxi hailing service
03 February 2015
Google to change privacy rules after ICO findings
31 January 2015
Google launches Gmail cash transfers in UK
30 January 2015
Microsoft makes Office apps available for Adndroid and Apple iOS
30 January 2015
Google announces Google Fiber for four metros
28 January 2015
WikiLeaks slams Google's secrecy over US requests for information
27 January 2015
"The internet will disappear" says Google’s Eric Schmidt at Davos
24 January 2015
Google to sell mobile phone plans directly to customers
22 January 2015
Google, Fidelity invest $1 bn in Tesla founder's SpaceX
21 January 2015
Google to invest in Elon Musk's SpaceX: reports
20 January 2015
Google reveals another flaw in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1
19 January 2015
Google pulls the plug on Google Glass
19 January 2015
Google launches Chromecast in India
17 January 2015
Google Inc in acquisition discussion with mobile-payments company Softcard: reports
17 January 2015
Google lines up top makers to market self-driving car by 2020
17 January 2015
Apple, Google settle poaching lawsuit for $415 million
16 January 2015
Google showcases self-driving prototype at Detroit Auto Show
15 January 2015
Google unveils Translate app
15 January 2015
Apple, Google sign new agreement to end poaching lawsuits
14 January 2015
Microsoft slams Google for revealing security vulnerability in Windows
13 January 2015
Google to release real-time translation app for Android
12 January 2015
Google received 345 mn link-removal requests in 2014
08 January 2015
Google interested in PM’s Digital India initiative
08 January 2015
Samsung to unveil Tizen smart TVs
05 January 2015
China blocks access to Gmail
30 December 2014
Google’s self-driving car prototype ready for road testing
23 December 2014
Google to open own campus in Hyderabad: report
22 December 2014
Google plans Android for direct vehicle installation
19 December 2014
Google to enhance Google Shopping; to take on Amazon
17 December 2014
Election 2014 trends on Google this year
17 December 2014
Google announces launch of Hindi ads across display network
16 December 2014
Spanish newspapers want Google News to stay
15 December 2014
GOSF, Google’s online shopping festival attracts buyers from smaller cities
15 December 2014
Youtube launches offline video-viewing service
13 December 2014
Avaya, Google in contact centre solutions pact
13 December 2014
Google to move engineering operations from Russia
12 December 2014
Car, bike manufacturers join Google's Great Online Shopping Festival
12 December 2014
Google to shut down Google News service in Spain
11 December 2014
Google Translate to ease language barriers for users
10 December 2014
New "Google tax" to target companies shifting profits out of UK
10 December 2014
EU publishes guidelines for search engines for handling right to be forgotten
02 December 2014
EU lawmakers vote to break up search engines
28 November 2014
Google's Uber could see $40 billion valuation in funding round: reports
27 November 2014
EU for “right to be forgotten” ruling to be applicable worldwide
27 November 2014
Google reaches agreement with Apple and Microsoft-owned Rockstar over patent litigation
24 November 2014
European parliament wants Google split
22 November 2014
Project Loon: Google to run another test flight of internet-beaming balloons
18 November 2014
Google taxi service Uber ties up with Paytm to meet RBI’s payment norms
13 November 2014
Google to provide ultra-high speed net service to small businesses in Kansas City area
12 November 2014
Google's robot is so agile it performs Karate stunts in video
12 November 2014
Google signs 60-year lease for former dirigible hangar
11 November 2014
Google, Facebook, Microsoft vie for a slice of `Digital India’
10 November 2014
Google to allow free to low cost international voice calls from Hangouts
07 November 2014
Axel Springer backtracks over content on Google from its articles
06 November 2014
Tata Communications in pact with Google to provide web-based Cloud Interconnect
06 November 2014
Study finds Google Glass may could get vision blind spots
06 November 2014
Google launches alliance to promote Indian languages on Internet
03 November 2014
Google chief Larry Page slams European governments for failing to invest heavily in tech sector
03 November 2014
Google rated most sought after employer in survey
03 November 2014
Google’s modular phone revealed in video for the first time
01 November 2014
Android creator Andy Rubin to leave Google
31 October 2014
Former Google executive launches new payments terminal
30 October 2014
Google to offer first minute free on international calls from Google Hangouts for rest of 2014
29 October 2014
Google expands Sundar Pichai’s responsibilities to include key products
25 October 2014
Google teams up with Oxford University to research AI
24 October 2014
Google celebrates Mangalyaan success with Diwali doodle
24 October 2014
Google to launch new search engine version to counter web piracy
21 October 2014
Google Q3 profit, revenue fall short of estimates
18 October 2014
Google Inc to test new technology for high-speed internet
16 October 2014
Xiaomi hires former Google executive to manage product strategy in India
16 October 2014
Google announces three devices to take on iPhone 6 Plus, iPad and Apple TV
16 October 2014
Google researchers warn of POODLE vulnerability in SSL encryption standard
16 October 2014
Google study reveals interesting voice search usage patterns among teens and adults
15 October 2014
Every fifth Android user faces cyber-attacks
13 October 2014
Google testing new service connecting people with medical conditions
13 October 2014
Apple, Google retain top spot in Interbrand’s 100 Best Global Brands
11 October 2014
Japan court orders Google to remove litigant’s negative search results
11 October 2014
Google threatened with $100-mn lawsuit over leaked nude photos of celebrities
06 October 2014
Google to tweak search results in India to beat slow net speed
04 October 2014
Google to pull plug on Orkut today
30 September 2014
Google’s EC anti-trust fine could be bigger than Microsoft’s
24 September 2014
US university uses Google Earth to develop platform to predict malaria
22 September 2014
Google drops Google+ account requirement for Gmail users
22 September 2014
Worldwide government requests for user data increased 150% over five years: Google
16 September 2014
Google launches first smartphones under Android One project in India
15 September 2014
Google announces acquisition of online polling start up Polar
12 September 2014
Google Inc acquires high-tech spoon maker Lift Labs
11 September 2014
Court revives Microsoft co-founder’s patent suit against Apple, AOL, Google and Yahoo
11 September 2014
Russian hackers leak millions of Gmail IDs and passwords: report
11 September 2014
EC pushes Google for more changes in web search
09 September 2014
Google to launch quantum computing initiative in association with NASA and USRA
03 September 2014
Google tests autonomous delivery drones in Australia
02 September 2014
Google buys video-rendering firm Zync to boost cloud offerings
27 August 2014
California mandates human controls on Google’s self driving cars
25 August 2014
Google confirms acquisition of Gecko Design
23 August 2014
e-retailer Amazon set to challenge Google, MS with new ad system
23 August 2014
Jetpac acquisition sparks speculation over app’s integration in Google ecosystem
18 August 2014
Google buying social travel apps designer JetPac
16 August 2014
Apple Maps overtakes Google Maps in mapping traffic on 4G
13 August 2014
Google to invest in transpacific cable system project
12 August 2014
Survey of India launches probe against Google mapping
11 August 2014
Yahoo, Gmail make telephone number mandatory for creating email accounts
11 August 2014
Yahoo joins Google to boost email security
08 August 2014
Google to promote https over http sites in search results
08 August 2014
Google ties up with Barnes & Noble for same-day book delivery in US
08 August 2014
Google tip off leads to arrest over child abuse
05 August 2014
Google confirms sale of mystery barge
04 August 2014
Google scrapping barge project: reports
01 August 2014
UK Lords slam EU’s right-to-be-forgotten ruling
31 July 2014
EU’s ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling unworkable, unreasonable and wrong in principle: Lords committee
30 July 2014
Google announces free music subscription to US users
28 July 2014
Kababs and biryani losing out to pastas and pizzas in India: Google Search trends
28 July 2014
Google acquires game-livestreaming firm Twitch for $1 billion: reports
26 July 2014
Regulators slam Google’s handling of “right to be forgotten” requests
25 July 2014
Google posts 22% rise in Q2 revenue
18 July 2014
Nikesh Arora leaves Google to join Japan’s SoftBank
18 July 2014
Google’s Street View cars help detect gas leaks
17 July 2014
Google appoints Alan Mulally to its board of directors
17 July 2014
Novartis, Google tie-up to license “smart lens” technology
16 July 2014
UK opposes EU's right to be forgotten ruling
12 July 2014
China re-opens Google access as 25th Tiananmen anniversary passes
11 July 2014
LG's Android G Watch goes on sale worldwide
08 July 2014
Google reinstates some links removed under ‘right to be forgotten’ law
07 July 2014
Tata DoCoMo, YouTube join hands to make online video more affordable
07 July 2014
Google cracks down on “super-naughty ads”
07 July 2014
‘Right to be forgotten’ hits media on Google
03 July 2014
Google acquires music playlist service Songza for over $39 million: report
02 July 2014
US Supreme Court rejects Google's bid to dismiss Street View suit
01 July 2014
Google to shut down Orkut end September
01 July 2014
Google remains best company to work for in India for fifth year: Survey
01 July 2014
UK travel site gives Google Glass to customers
28 June 2014
Google enables Android devices to interact with Chrome; to take on Apple's Contimuity
28 June 2014
Google starts removing some search results in EU
27 June 2014
Google’s Android One OS to power smartphones for emerging markets
26 June 2014
Google’s Nest Labs to acquire home-monitoring camera startup Dropcam
21 June 2014
Google, Microsoft to include ‘kill switches’ in OS
21 June 2014
Most Indians now going online for property deals: Google survey
19 June 2014
Google announces Work Certified Partners for Glass
18 June 2014
GCHQ can legally snoop on Facebook, Google users: UK government
18 June 2014
Using Google Glass to teach surgery abroad
17 June 2014
Google to launch Google Fit for health data for managing health information
14 June 2014
Google in talks with Virgin Galactic over satellite launch technology
13 June 2014
Google acquires satellite maker Skybox Imaging for $500 mn
12 June 2014
Google adds new email security to beat snoops
05 June 2014
Google urged to take lead in fighting online piracy
31 May 2014
Google to accept erase requests to unflattering information in search results in Europe
31 May 2014
Google to make its own self-driving cars
29 May 2014
Google tops in employee pay satisfaction survey
24 May 2014
Google’s Project Tango to deliver small form factor table with advanced 3D imaging camera
24 May 2014
Google to add Wi-Fi in its pitch to small business
23 May 2014
Google declines to reveal mobile ad revenue due to changing ‘mobile’ definition
22 May 2014
Google overtakes Apple as world’s most valuable technology firm
21 May 2014
Google acquires employee smart phone management firm Divide
21 May 2014
Google eyeing video streaming service, Twitch
20 May 2014
Google Now users to get reminder cards on overdue payments
20 May 2014
Apple, Google agree to end patent wars
17 May 2014
Google faces fresh plaint from EU digital firms over monopolistic abuses
16 May 2014
CCI orders fresh probe into Google’s misuse of dominant position
15 May 2014
Users can demand to be ‘forgotten’ by Google, rules top EU court
14 May 2014
Google to newscast live election results on YouTube
14 May 2014
Google could influence Indian poll results, says study
13 May 2014
Oracle wins suit against Google over Java APIs
10 May 2014
Google acquires UK start-up retail forecaster Rangespan
05 May 2014
Google sued for pacts with manufacturers that drive up cost of devices
02 May 2014
Google’s self driving cars take to city traffic
29 April 2014
Security experts warn of bitcoin mining malware
26 April 2014
And Then
25 April 2014
Google+ creator Vic Gundotra exits after 8-year stint
25 April 2014
Google Glass puts the focus on Parkinson's
21 April 2014
European Media mogul questions Google’s business model
21 April 2014
Google adds Lens Blur to Google Camera app
17 April 2014
Google files patent for contact lenses with tiny cameras
16 April 2014
Google admits to using readers’ mail
16 April 2014
Google acquires solar-powered drone maker Titan Aerospace
15 April 2014
Fake paid app tops sales at Goolge Play Store
08 April 2014
Google launches ‘Know your candidates tool’
08 April 2014
Google plans to emerge as MVNO: Report
07 April 2014
US district court okays employee lawsuit against tech firms
29 March 2014
Competition panel slaps Rs1-cr fine on Google for non-cooperation in probe
28 March 2014
Gmail testing Pinterest-style makeover for messages with Promotions tab
27 March 2014
UK advertising regulator, ASA clears Microsoft ad targeting Gmail privacy standard
26 March 2014
Google, Luxottica in deal to manuacture Google Glass eyewear
25 March 2014
Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Apple claim right to access user accounts
24 March 2014
Google makes encryption mandatory in Gmail
21 March 2014
Google, Facebook mobile revenue up sharply in 2013
20 March 2014
Google's Larry Page pushes for thinking big
20 March 2014
Google launches Android version powered smart watch
19 March 2014
Viacomm, Google settle copyright dispute out of court
19 March 2014
Google slashes online storage prices as storage wars hot up
18 March 2014
Google to encrypt web search for users in China
14 March 2014
Google launches third party add-on support for Docs, Spread Sheets
12 March 2014
Google user data secure from “prying eyes”: Eric Schmidt
10 March 2014
Google under CCI scanner; faces up to $5-bn in fine
10 March 2014
CERT warns of flaw in VPN from Android OS in Indian cyberspace
03 March 2014
Google Doodles sexist, racist alleges feminist group
01 March 2014
Google’s new tool gives users greater control over incoming mail
26 February 2014
EU antitrust chief defends Google deal, denies gentlemen’s agreement
22 February 2014
Google acquires ad-fraud detection specialist
22 February 2014
Google to expand 1-gigabit per second broadband speed to 34 US cities
21 February 2014
Google launches Project Tango to make mobile devices understand space and motion
21 February 2014
Google to conduct two-day Hackathon and workshop in Bangalore
21 February 2014
Google's fund invests $40 mn in education technology firm Renaissance Learning
20 February 2014
CERT warns of vulnerabilities in Chrome, Firefox
17 February 2014
Google acquires Israeli log-in verification technology start-up SlickLogin
17 February 2014
Google looks to offer 10 Gb/s internet speed
15 February 2014
Google tax amount outside the US doubles to $771 mn
14 February 2014
Google subsidiary to take over maintenance, improvements at federal airfield
12 February 2014
Virgin Atlantic launches Google Glass pilot scheme for staff
12 February 2014
Google French search page to carry fine notice
10 February 2014
New York police explore using Google Glass to bust crime
10 February 2014
Google briefly overtakes ExxonMobil as world's 2nd most valuable company
08 February 2014
Google to compete with Cisco, unveils videoconferencing system
07 February 2014
Google acquires 5.94% stake in Lenovo for $750 mn
07 February 2014
Google senior advertisement executive Susan Wojcicki to run YouTube
06 February 2014
Google awards Eric Schmidt $100 million in restricted stock
05 February 2014
Google, Cisco in long-term patent cross-licensing pact
05 February 2014
Internet majors disclose secret US demands for data
04 February 2014
Authorities may tell Google to move its floating showroom
04 February 2014
Google Q4-2013 net up 17% at $3.38 bn
31 January 2014
Lenovo to buy Motorola Mobility from Google for $2.91 bn
30 January 2014
Google adds prescription glasses to Google Glass
29 January 2014
Gmail blackout creates strange headache for California man
27 January 2014
Google proposes ad-linked free taxi service to bring shoppers to physical stores
27 January 2014
Google to buy London-based artificial intelligence company DeepMind
27 January 2014
Google services go down as software bug causes outage
25 January 2014
Google rejects threat from Chrome speech recognition feature
24 January 2014
Wikipedia declining as Google Knowledge Graph rises: report
21 January 2014
Google acquires cybersecurity technology startup Impermium
21 January 2014
Mysterious object resembling alien spaceship spotted on the moon
20 January 2014
Google withdraws notifier service for Calendar and Gmail events for the desktop
18 January 2014
Google develops glucose monitoring contacts
18 January 2014
Google loses bid for blocking privacy lawsuit
17 January 2014
Google to acquire Nest Labs, maker of smart devices
15 January 2014
Google Glass used in foot surgery in Jaipur
13 January 2014
No violation by Apple of Google patent in iPhone, rules US court
11 January 2014
New Gmail feature draws ire of privacy advocates
10 January 2014
Politicians, cyber experts wary about poll panel’s tie-up with Google
08 January 2014
Global PC, tablet, ultramobile and mobile phone shipments to grow 7.6% in 2014: Gartner
08 January 2014
Google launches Open Automotive Alliance for Android-equipped cars
07 January 2014
Google points to growing trend of content removal requests by governments
30 December 2013
Google to develop Android-based entertainment system for Audi
30 December 2013
Google fined €900,000 for breaching Spain’s Data Protection Act
21 December 2013
Botnet steal text messages from Android handsets
19 December 2013
Facebook top searched item of 2013: Google
19 December 2013
Google acquires robotics firm Boston Dynamics
16 December 2013
Google to design own server chips: Reports
14 December 2013
Widespread hacking of top Android, iOS apps revealed
12 December 2013
Google's Great Online Shopping Festival website crashes on first day
11 December 2013
2 million Facebook, Google, Twitter and Yahoo passwords stolen
05 December 2013
Google unveils cloud computing services with Google Compute Engine
04 December 2013
Google launches poll portal in India
29 November 2013
Google launches new programme for Indian small companies
29 November 2013
NSA snooping confounds experts at Google, Yahoo
27 November 2013
Microsoft to offer anti-Google merchandise from this week
22 November 2013
Google Nexus 5 stock runs out within hours of opening sale
21 November 2013
Google to offer prepaid debit cards
21 November 2013
India’s entrepreneurial innovators could build ‘next Google’ , says ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt
20 November 2013
Google fined $17 mn for snooping on Safari users
19 November 2013
Google, Microsoft, Yahoo unite against child abuse images
18 November 2013
Partition-based Google India ad draws tears and cheers
18 November 2013
Google to launch second generation Nexus 7 tablet today
12 November 2013
Google barges to sport innovative architecture
08 November 2013
French court orders Google to remove links to Max Mosley orgy images
08 November 2013
Google takes the lid off mystery barge
07 November 2013
Google lists Nexus 10 at Rs29,999 on Play Store
06 November 2013
Google pulls the plug on iGoogle
05 November 2013
Android phones under legal attack from Rockstar
05 November 2013
Google investing additional €450 mn in Finnish data centre
05 November 2013
Woman driver wearing Google Glass gets ticket for speeding
01 November 2013
Google unveils Nexus 5 priced $349
01 November 2013
Microsoft, Apple, Sony consortium sues Google, others for patent infringement
01 November 2013
Google expands recently updated Hangouts app
30 October 2013
Google expands search from 700 per cent more locations
28 October 2013
Google linked to mysterious floating structure at San Francisco bay
26 October 2013
Google stock drives past $1,000-mark as revenue zooms
21 October 2013
Google’s DoubleClick to sell Facebook ads
19 October 2013
Google beats Wall Street expectations
18 October 2013
Mumbai firm beats Google to Street View
17 October 2013
Google to help search and rescue cyclone victims
12 October 2013
Google to add user photo to ads
12 October 2013
Google acquires gesture recognition startup Flutter
03 October 2013
Google offers fresh concessions to address EU competition watchdogs’ concerns over search results
01 October 2013
Google takes on Amazon with same-day shopping delivery
01 October 2013
Google may be in breach of federal and California wiretapping laws: Federal judge
30 September 2013
Google updates core search engine algorithm
27 September 2013
UK MPs slam Google for failing to block piracy websites
26 September 2013
Google hit by service disruption
24 September 2013
Sony to launch TV dongle to take on Google’s Chromecast dongle
21 September 2013
Google looks to voice-based interface as web search goes mobile
21 September 2013
Google Glass enters operation theatre in Chennai hospital
18 September 2013
Google acquires file-sharing app developer Bump Technologies for reported $40 mn
17 September 2013
Google’s data collection in Street View project in violation of wire tap law court rules
12 September 2013
Google planning 'robo taxi' fleet
27 August 2013
Hacker changes Google Glass drone into controller: Will it be deployed in Afghanistan?
27 August 2013
Google goes down briefly in flash outage
17 August 2013
Google institutes award for best technology usage
14 August 2013
Microsoft accuses Google of spamming Gmail users with ads
13 August 2013
Gates sceptical of Google’s balloon internet connectivity helping the poor
12 August 2013
Security flaw in Chrome allows access to stored passwords
08 August 2013
Google India shuts down its music search service
01 August 2013
Can’t type it, write it says Google
27 July 2013
Google unveils Nexus 7 and net-to-TV dongle
25 July 2013
Google to help South India’s smaller firms to go digital
22 July 2013
UK data watchdog faults Google on breach of data laws
05 July 2013
Moto X smartphone ads highlight customisable design
04 July 2013
Next version of Akash to offer features similar to Google Nexus 7
02 July 2013
Google pulls the plug on news story service ‘Reader’
02 July 2013
Google unveils plans for £650-mn UK HQ
29 June 2013
India among countries interested in balloon project : Google’s Todd Rowe
28 June 2013
Microsoft’s Age of Empires game to be developed for iPhones and Android devices
25 June 2013
Google launches app to locate flood survivors
21 June 2013
Apple follows Google, Facebook in revealing US requests for user data
18 June 2013
Google introduces product listing ads in India
17 June 2013
Google reveals plan to beam internet from balloons in stratosphere
15 June 2013
UK lawmakers demand comprehensive inquiry into Google’s tax practices
13 June 2013
Google, Facebook, Microsoft store user information
13 June 2013
Google buying Israeli mobile satellite navigation start-up Waze
12 June 2013
Google readying device to attack Apple’s iPhone
30 May 2013
EU regulators may demand more concessions from Google over search results dispute
29 May 2013
Eric Schmidt: Google’s tax payment compliant with law
27 May 2013
Google to face fresh anti-trust investigation
24 May 2013
Google may get into bidding war with Facebook for Waze
24 May 2013
Labour chief Miliband uses Google’s UK event to blast big tax evaders
23 May 2013
After Google, Amazon under fire for ‘pathetic’ UK tax contribution
20 May 2013
Tax evasion: act now or we will, Labour tells government
20 May 2013
Under fire for evading UK taxes, Google's Schmidt seeks to blame system
20 May 2013
Google denies ‘minimising’ tax bills in the UK
17 May 2013
Google launches music streaming service
16 May 2013
Microsoft adds Google Chat to
15 May 2013
France to tax Apple, Google devices to fund culture
14 May 2013
Google to triple storage space across services like Gmail, Drive
14 May 2013
Researchers hack into building management system at Google’s Australia office
09 May 2013
Google’s patent application raises controversy over privacy issues
09 May 2013
Google to unveil subscriptions for popular video channels: Report
06 May 2013
EU regulator finds Motorola violated FRAND patent terms
06 May 2013
Media buyers say they dealt with UK ad sales teams
06 May 2013
Google’s chief Schmidt: YouTube has displaced TV
03 May 2013
UK parliamentary committee to quiz Google again over UK sales
02 May 2013
Google’s Android tops tablet OS market share in Q1
02 May 2013
Google searches may provide warning signs of stock market moves
26 April 2013
ITC dismisses Motorola patent lawsuit against Apple
24 April 2013
Schmidt defends Google’s low tax payments
23 April 2013
German watchdog fines Google €145,000 for Street View privacy breach
23 April 2013
Google OS to drive cheap Intel-based laptops: CNET report
20 April 2013
Eric Schmidt discussed book material with Julian Assange in 2011
19 April 2013
Google pitches Chrome for businesses with IE hard-wired applications
19 April 2013
Google doodles 160th anniversary of India’s first passenger train
16 April 2013
Google bows to EU demands; will alter face, give clear links
13 April 2013
Google unveils key to cyberlife after death
12 April 2013
Anti-Google search rivals gang up, complain to EU regulator over Android
09 April 2013
Google eyes popular cross platform messaging service WhatsApp
08 April 2013
Google Glass to face competition from 'Baidu Eye'
03 April 2013
Six European regulators to act over Google’s privacy policy
03 April 2013
Mozilla Firefox 20 now available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
03 April 2013
Asus to offer 32GB Nexus 7 tablets in India soon
03 April 2013
Google announces shutdown in April Fool hoax
01 April 2013
Google pledges not to sue users implementing MapReduce
30 March 2013
Google to move into grocery delivery with Shopping Express
30 March 2013
Nexus 7: First Google device on sale at Google Play store
28 March 2013
Nexus 7: First Google device on sale at Google Play store
28 March 2013
China worst example of internet control, hacking: Google chief
21 March 2013
YouTube receives over 1 billion visitors
21 March 2013
India losing out on internet revolution, warns Google chief
21 March 2013
Google to retire Google Reader
15 March 2013
EBay questions value of Google’s main advertising service
14 March 2013
Google admits to privacy vilation in Street View project
13 March 2013
Android OS most vulnerable to infections: Study
09 March 2013
Google to eliminate 1,200 jobs at Motorola Mobility unit: report
08 March 2013
Google extends Google Play Books service to India
01 March 2013
Google, Facebook, Yahoo most trusted internet brands in India
25 February 2013
Google makes fashion statement with Google Glass
22 February 2013
Google launches Chromebook Pixel
22 February 2013
Eric Schmidt to cash in $2.5 bn by selling nearly half of his Google stock
09 February 2013
Google India launches ‘Mapathon 2013’
08 February 2013
Google to buy e-commerce firm Channel Intelligence for $125 mln
07 February 2013
Google wins legal battle against Australian competition regulator
06 February 2013
Google settles French media copyright dispute
02 February 2013
Google+ now second-largest social networking site: survey
29 January 2013
Google results beat analysts’ projections
23 January 2013
Google strikes £700-million deal to build new British office
18 January 2013
Investigation into Google FTC probe leaks demanded
09 January 2013
Google gets clean chit from FTC over search results manipulation accusation
04 January 2013
Google to take on Apple, Samsung with X-phone
22 December 2012
Arris to acquire Motorola's home business from Google for $2.35 bn
20 December 2012
Google likely to escape with tap on knuckles from FTC: reports
19 December 2012
Google to shut down 11 services in “winter cleaning”
18 December 2012
Gumtree, Coles, eBay top Google's most searched brands
15 December 2012
Google’s mortgage comparison service of little threat to incumbents
13 December 2012
Google to sell Motorola Mobility's China manufacturing plant to Flextronics
11 December 2012
Apple, Google team up to buy Kodak patents for over $500 mn: report
10 December 2012
Google to acquire marketing firm Incentive Targeting
29 November 2012
Court approves Google's privacy settlement with FTC
19 November 2012
India second to US in seeking user information: Google
15 November 2012
UK lawmakers to quiz Starbucks, Google, Amazon over tax avoidance
12 November 2012
US judge dismisses Apple’s patent lawsuit against Google’s Motorola Mobility
06 November 2012
Verizon intoduces payment options for Google apps
20 October 2012
Google shares crash after accidental release of results
19 October 2012
Yahoo appoints Google's Henrique de Castro as COO
16 October 2012
US regulator to recommend suing Google for manipulating search results
15 October 2012
Google introduces free SMS in India; no boon for telemarketers
12 October 2012
Over 99 million urban Indians active on the internet: Google
11 October 2012
Google forays into credit card business
09 October 2012
Google’s Motorola Mobility withdraws a patent-infringement suit against Apple
03 October 2012
Iran blocks Google; to switch users to domestic internet
24 September 2012
Google opens up paid Apps for Indian developers
24 September 2012
Google acquires Germany’s iOS photo editing app Snapseed maker Nik Software
18 September 2012
Google India blocks anti-Islam film, but firewall falls short
17 September 2012
Google's car insurance comparison site rattles rivals
13 September 2012
Wipro Technologies to support Google cloud platforms
27 August 2012
Google, Facebook cooperating with India on hate content
22 August 2012
CCI probes possible anti-competitive practices by Google in India
14 August 2012
Google to axe 4,000 Motorola jobs worldwide
13 August 2012
Google agrees to settle privacy issue with $22.5 billion fine
10 August 2012
Google defers launch of streaming device Nexus Q
01 August 2012
Google acquires social media marketing start-up Wildfire
01 August 2012
Google to test ultra-high speed internet service in Kansas City in September
27 July 2012
Facebook must be "more like Google" to avoid the fate of Zynga
27 July 2012
Google Talk goes down for four hours
27 July 2012
Google acquires start-up email management software provider Sparrow
21 July 2012
Google to phase out five products
05 July 2012
Yahoo Inc hires former Google director Michael Barrett as chief revenue officer
19 June 2012
Google Maps goes 3D to ‘fly’ Google Earth users over cities
07 June 2012
Google acquires mobile app Quickoffice
07 June 2012
Google acquires startup social platform site Meebo Inc
05 June 2012
Google to switch to paid product search service by fall
02 June 2012
EC threatens anti-trust proceedings against Google over search dominance
22 May 2012
Google gets Chinese nod for $12.5-bn Motorola Mobility acquisition
21 May 2012
Google revamps search engine with Knowledge Graph
18 May 2012
Google and Facebook will both be front and centre in 'social search'
10 May 2012
Amazon’s Kindle Fire takes top position with 54.5 per cent market share of Android tablets
27 April 2012
Google chairman Eric Schmidt paid $101 million last year
21 April 2012
Jury selection begins in high-stakes Oracle-Google dispute
16 April 2012
Google fined $25,000 by US regulator for obstructing probe into Street View project
16 April 2012
Founders' open letter on the stock split
13 April 2012
Postscript on the stock split from David Drummond, chief legal officer, Google Inc
13 April 2012
New stock split gives Brin, Page life-long hold on Google
13 April 2012
Google brings seamless, mobile internet on an eyeglass
05 April 2012
Google plans low-priced tablet
30 March 2012
Google’s new Account Activity feature sums up monthly user activity
29 March 2012
Google pushing developers to use Google Wallet
10 March 2012
Google signs deal for real time stock prices with LSE
22 February 2012
EU and US regulators approve Google-Motorola merger
14 February 2012
Apple's value beats sum of Google + Microsoft, overtakes ExxonMobil
13 February 2012
Google slapped with ED notice
11 February 2012
Google’s new privacy policy: possibly the most transparent from SEO perspective
09 February 2012
Pakistan ties up with Google to promote Punjab tourism sites
09 February 2012
Google, Facebook comply with court order to remove objectionable content
06 February 2012
EU tells Google to delay rollout of new privacy policy
04 February 2012
Former Groupon employees file countersuit claiming harassment for joining Google
28 January 2012
Not possible to filter user generated content: Google
27 January 2012
Google revising privacy policies to personalise services
25 January 2012
Google is the best place to work in US: Fortune
20 January 2012
Google fourth quarter 2011 net rises to $2.71 billion
20 January 2012
Google tipped to overtake Yahoo to become king of display advertising in 2012
17 January 2012
Delhi High Court warns Facebook, Google over objectionable content
13 January 2012
Twitter slams Google search changes
12 January 2012
Google demotes Chrome on its PageRank after PR goof-up
05 January 2012
Google India introduces Media Ads format on Google Search
26 December 2011
Court orders Facebook, Google, others to remove hurtful content
24 December 2011
Google, KKR to invest $189 mn in four California solar farms
21 December 2011
US agency's Apple ruling hits Google’s Android phones
20 December 2011
Twitter hires Google’s Bruce Daisley as UK sales director
02 December 2011
Google to abadon cheap energy among seven projects
23 November 2011
Samsung, Google to join hands to roll out Google TVs
22 November 2011
Motorola Mobility shareholders approve merger with Google
18 November 2011
Google to ship Chromebook into India by early 2012
17 November 2011
Google makes late entry into online music market
17 November 2011
Google offers ‘never before’ peak into ranking methodology
15 November 2011
Google to stop Gmail support for Blackberry users
10 November 2011
Google’s updated search engine to serve more relevant results
05 November 2011
Google makes another bid to push Google TV
29 October 2011
India among top 10 in demanding content removal from Google
29 October 2011
Google+ goes past 40-million user mark
25 October 2011
After Jobs' demise Google, Samsung delay launch of ICS
10 October 2011
Google ranked `most attractive employer' for a third time in a row
03 October 2011
Google plans to open centre in London’s Tech City
28 September 2011
Google sets up $75-mn fund to finance home solar systems
28 September 2011
Oracle, Google fail to reach deal in $1.6-bn Android OS lawsuit
24 September 2011
Researchers find new vulnerabilities in Android OS
23 September 2011
Google and Facebook introduce new features
22 September 2011
Google launches mobile payment platform 'Google Wallet'
20 September 2011
Google rolls out mobile payments application on Sprint Nextel
20 September 2011
Indian internet users to triple by 2014: Google
16 September 2011
Google launches Google Local Shopping in Japan
16 September 2011
Tata among world's 50 most valuable brands; Google tops
13 September 2011
Google lines up Jelly Bean to follow Ice Cream Sandwich
13 September 2011
Google buys restaurant review guide Zagat
09 September 2011
Google acquires digital coupons and incentives company Zave Networks
05 September 2011
Ohio judge dismisses antitrust case against Google
02 September 2011
Security researchers uncover forged net security certificates to spy on Gmail
31 August 2011
Google boss slams lack of innovation, science education in Britain
27 August 2011
Google to dissolve Slide to focus on Google+
26 August 2011
Google settles Canadian pharma ad probe for $500 mn
25 August 2011
Google yet to seek China’s regulatory approval on Motorola deal
24 August 2011
S&P revises Google stock status a week after downgrade
23 August 2011
Google to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion
16 August 2011
Google buys Dealmap to take on Groupon
03 August 2011
Google buys IBM’s patents to defend lawsuits on Android operating system
30 July 2011
Google launches page speed optimising to improve web performance
29 July 2011
Google eyes patents owner InterDigital Inc: report
21 July 2011
Age of Google has changed the way our brain retains information: study
15 July 2011
India seeks access to Google, Skype data
13 July 2011
Android winning the worldwide OS race: Survey
13 July 2011
Google+ users projected to top 20 million by weekend
13 July 2011
Schmidt looks to closer integration with Facebook, Twitter
09 July 2011
Google promotes Chrome through unique campaign
04 July 2011
Google+ suspends new invitations on heavy demand
02 July 2011
Skype offers cross-platform video with Android client
01 July 2011
Google launches Google+ to rival Facebook
29 June 2011
Google under antitrust probe in the US
25 June 2011
Google extends voice search to PCs
23 June 2011
Google reaches billion-user mark
22 June 2011
Google teams up with SolarCity to create $280-mn fund for residential solar projects
15 June 2011
Google to buy online advertising company AdMeld for $400 million
14 June 2011
Google to pull the plug on older browsers from August
04 June 2011
Google acquires social engagement data firm PostRank
04 June 2011
China denies Gmail cyber attacks
03 June 2011
After rejecting Google, discounter Groupon files for $750-mn IPO
03 June 2011
Google blames China for cyber attacks on Gmail
02 June 2011
Google, Facebook lose case over patent lawsuit dismissal
30 May 2011
Controversy greets Google's pay-by-phone system
27 May 2011
Google launches ‘Street View’ in India
26 May 2011
Anti-piracy measures could compromise free speech: Google's Scmidt
20 May 2011
Apple, Google, 3M world's most innovative: Booz & Co
17 May 2011
Google probed for carrying ads from illegal online pharmacies
13 May 2011
Facebook's smear campaign against Google ends up in fiasco
12 May 2011
Google OS to power its Chromebook laptops
12 May 2011
Google to make `smart' household appliances
11 May 2011
Google to launch new music service: reports
10 May 2011
Apple replaces Google as the world’s most valuable brand
09 May 2011
Google loses Linux patent suit; other open source users may be hit
23 April 2011
S Korean internet search sites allege Google stifling competition
16 April 2011
Google's 54-% jump in spending dwarfs 29-% revenue growth
15 April 2011
Known news sites emerge early winners of Google’s Panda update
14 April 2011
Google denies lying over Apps certification
13 April 2011
Google invests $168 million in solar power project
12 April 2011
Google stops clicking Street View in Germany
11 April 2011
Google's take over of ITA approved with riders
09 April 2011
Success of Google’s +1 hinges on paradigm shift in social interactions
08 April 2011
Microsoft to complain about Google’s alleged unfair practices to EU regulators
31 March 2011
Google may pay price of Interflora-Marks & Spencer’s dispute
25 March 2011
US judge rejects Google's deal with publishers, authors
23 March 2011
French watchdog fines Google for privacy breach
22 March 2011
Google tops Global 500 brand ranking as Coke tumbles 13 places
21 March 2011
Google plug-in allows IE9 users to play WebM video
17 March 2011
Google nukes malware using remote application
07 March 2011
Apple, Google, RIM in neck to neck race to expand smart-phone
05 March 2011
And now, Malware hits Google's Android platform
03 March 2011
Search Alliance no threat to Google, just more of the same
03 March 2011
Google says Gmail data partially restored
02 March 2011
Weather insurance start-up receives funding from Google, Khosla
01 March 2011
Verizon to launch Xoom Android tablet from tommorrow
23 February 2011
BSE tie-up with Google yields little fruit so far
14 February 2011
Chocolates most searched word on Google search
12 February 2011
Nokia ties up with Microsoft to counter Apple, Google
11 February 2011
Google in talks to buy video producer Next New Networks
11 February 2011
BBC’s iPlayer app for iPad and Android to launch 10 February
09 February 2011
Google algorithm update slams duplicate content
03 February 2011
Android tablets cutting iPad lead
01 February 2011
Google Nexus to debut in India by Q1 end
22 January 2011
Larry Page is Google's new CEO, Schmidt executive chairman
21 January 2011
US government to challenge Google's ITA Software takeover
14 January 2011
Display marketing to mirror search in practice: Greenlight's predictions for 2011
10 January 2011
Google planning digital newsstand to take on Apple strategy
04 January 2011
Google says sharing Gmail encryption keys not possible
17 December 2010
Why Google tweeted Twitter
14 December 2010
IRCTC, Micromax, YouTube are fastest growing searches on Google India
13 December 2010
Google launches Chrome OS on trial basis
08 December 2010
Google buys UK-based speech technology company Phonetic Arts
07 December 2010
Japanese regulator approves Google-Yahoo Japan alliance
04 December 2010
Google to acquire video software maker Widevine Technologies
04 December 2010
Groupon walks away from Google’s $6-bn takeover offer
04 December 2010
Google under EU scanner for suppressing competition
01 December 2010
Google close to buying online discount site Groupon
01 December 2010
Google plugs security hole in Google Apps Script API
22 November 2010
Google publishes book to explain internet technologies
20 November 2010
Google forces alcohol website Groggle to change name
11 November 2010
Google’s privacy breach damaging to user confidence
08 November 2010
Google let off without fine by UK information commisioner
04 November 2010
Google cries foul over government department’s specifications
03 November 2010
Google faces heavy fine for breach of security
25 October 2010
Finding a good story for Google in China will be difficult
23 October 2010
Sony’s Google internet TV to hit US stores on 16 October
14 October 2010
Google-led investors in $5-bn offshore energy project
13 October 2010
Google to let low-cost manufacturers drive Android push in India
13 October 2010
Google develops self-driving cars
12 October 2010
Google Instant arrives in India
07 October 2010
The Impact of Google Instant on SEO and PPC
30 September 2010
Will Google end up supporting counterfeiters?
25 September 2010
Google sues rogue online pharmacies
23 September 2010
Google acquires second Israeli start-up Quiksee
14 September 2010
Google Search faces anti-trust probe in Texas
06 September 2010
After RIM, Government to push Google, Skype for data access
01 September 2010
Google rolls out VoIP application for Google Talk
26 August 2010
Facebook overtakes Google's Orkut in traffic numbers
26 August 2010
China’s Tencent buys Google-backed social-networking firm Comsenz
24 August 2010
Net Neutrality: What’s all the fuss about?
18 August 2010
Oracle sues Google over use of Java in Android
13 August 2010
After BlackBerry, government targets Google, Skype
13 August 2010
Google to wind up online collaboration project Wave
05 August 2010
Google acquires social games developer Slide
05 August 2010
Google bags Yahoo Japan ad, search pact
27 July 2010
Google stops direct sales of Nexus One
23 July 2010
Google winds up two Chinese sites, ends partnership with Tianya
21 July 2010
Google Q2 net profit rises 24 per cent to $1.84 billion
16 July 2010
Tata Communications, Google web connectivity pact for Indian businesses
15 July 2010
Facebook beats YouTube, Flickr as top video, photo-sharing site in India
10 July 2010
NTP sues Apple, Microsoft, Google, Motorola, HTC, LG for patent infringement
10 July 2010
Google gets China's nod to keep search page
09 July 2010
Google to buy flight information software firm ITA Software for $700 million
02 July 2010
China blocks Google’s search services
01 July 2010
Google to offer tools to help Android programmers sell subscription: Rubin
30 June 2010
Google may stop redirecting customers in China to its HK search engine
29 June 2010
US court rejects Viacom's $1 billion copyright case against Google's You Tube
24 June 2010
Google implements GoogleCL command-line tool
22 June 2010
US watchdog finally clears Google-AdMob deal
22 May 2010
Google Android 2.2 adds blistering speed
22 May 2010
Sony, Intel, Logitech, Dish, Best Buy in Google TV project
21 May 2010
Google to buy Norway’s Global IP Solutions for $68 million
18 May 2010
Gmail targeted in phishing attacks
14 May 2010
Outage at Gmail renders thousands of accounts inaccessible to users
11 May 2010
Trash Google, says Yahoo’s new $85-million ad campaign
07 May 2010
Google to use UK googlemail users to gmail following agreement with IIIR
05 May 2010
Google acquires freeware application creator BumpTop Technologies
04 May 2010
Baidu's Q1 revenues, profit surge after Google exit
29 April 2010
Google acquires widget creator Labpixies
27 April 2010
India third-biggest seeker of Google content removal
22 April 2010
Google cyberattack hit password system: Report
21 April 2010
Google ushers in cloud-based printing with Google Cloud Print
17 April 2010
Google Q1 revenues grow 23-per cent; net up 38 per cent
17 April 2010
Google, Yahoo named in privacy complaint by advocacy groups
09 April 2010
Google launches product search for online shoppers in India
31 March 2010
Former Chinese partners shun Google
26 March 2010
Google’s other Chinese businesses feel the heat
24 March 2010
Rivals Google, LVMH claim victory in EU trademark case
24 March 2010
China blocks access as Google exits to HK
23 March 2010
Google releases Google Buzz, Orkut widgets for Android phones
20 March 2010
Mobile ad rates to likely exceed PC-based search: Google
17 March 2010
Facebook overhauls Google in web traffic
17 March 2010
Google seen exiting China as talks deadlock
13 March 2010
China cagey over Google’s uncensored search engine pitch
13 March 2010
Google acquires fourth company in less than a month
06 March 2010
Google prods US government to take China’s web censorship to WTO
05 March 2010
Google takes photo editing website Picnik in its fold
03 March 2010
Apple sues Google smartphone maker HTC over patent infringement
03 March 2010
EC launches probe into Google’s search monopoly in Europe
25 February 2010
Microhoo: search will be a two-horse race by year end
20 February 2010
Google demonstrates image-to-text translation at mobile tech fair
18 February 2010
Google launches `Buzz' to take on Twitter and Facebook
11 February 2010
Google to provide broadband with 1 Gigabyte speed
11 February 2010
Google planning to integrate Facebook,Twitter like features in Gmail
09 February 2010
Chinese telecom market open for Google’s Android: Chinese official
28 January 2010
Google launches Voice apps for Apple's iPhone, Palm's Pre
28 January 2010
Google founders to sell 10 million shares worth $5.5 billion
23 January 2010
Google's YouTube to launch movie rental business
22 January 2010
Google delays launching mobile phones in China
19 January 2010
Droid partners Verizon and Google pitch for net neutrality
19 January 2010
Google's perfect storm likely to cause turbulent US-China relations in 2010
18 January 2010
Users flood Google Chinese web site with Tiananmen queries to test censorship lifting claims
18 January 2010
US to officially slam Beijing over Google attack
16 January 2010
Google denies media reports of shutting China operations, claims business "as usual"
16 January 2010
Microsoft admits Explorer vulnerability led to Google attack
15 January 2010
Google's China exit to lead to loss for advertisers
13 January 2010
Google threatens to exit China after cyber attacks
13 January 2010
Google Nexus One components cost $174: iSuppli
12 January 2010
Google sweetens bid for On2 Technologies to $132 million
08 January 2010
Google applies for energy-trading licence
08 January 2010
France mulls 'Google tax' to pay for creative content
07 January 2010
Google unveils `Nexus One' smartphone
06 January 2010
Google to foray into smartphone space with “GooglePhone” launch
05 January 2010
Google smartphone launch likely on Tuesday
04 January 2010
Consumer advocacy groups oppose Google buying AdMob
29 December 2009
USFTC seeks more information on Google’s AdMob acquisition
24 December 2009
Google accused of £450-million tax evasion
21 December 2009
Google to acquire reviews site Yelp for over $500 million: report
21 December 2009
French court fines Google for copyright infringement
19 December 2009
What Indians Googled the most in 2009
19 December 2009
Google to launch its own phone
14 December 2009
CNBC-TV18 brings viewers Inside the mind of Google
10 December 2009
Google brings Chrome Browser to Mac, Linux
09 December 2009
Google launches real-time search on Android platform
08 December 2009
Yahoo, Microsoft agree to tango to take on Google
05 December 2009
Microsoft may pay newspapers to avoid Google
05 December 2009
Google to allow publishers to limit access to content from Google News
03 December 2009
Kerala tourism ties up with Google
26 November 2009
Google’s SPDY protocol aims to speed up web browsing
14 November 2009
White paper, SPDY: An experimental protocol for a faster web
14 November 2009
Google’s Street View dragged to court by Swiss privacy watchdog
14 November 2009
Google, Yahoo, Intel, Microsoft, IBM and Cisco vie for UID project
12 November 2009
Google to acquire ad firm AdMob
11 November 2009
Google Dashboard to address privacy concerns
06 November 2009
Orange in pan-European mobile pact with Google
29 October 2009
Google announces Google Maps Navigation for Android 2.0
29 October 2009
Google eyeing 3G action in India: report
27 October 2009
Google launches global media blitzkrieg to promote Apps
19 October 2009
Google launches first major UK ad campaign
19 October 2009
Google ready for acquisitions after spectacular 3Q
16 October 2009
Another Google director resigns to pacify regulator
13 October 2009
Gmail tops in India as Yahoo! loses ground
12 October 2009
Google's barcode logo a flop
08 October 2009
Google logo doodle celebrates bar code patent
07 October 2009
Google’s Chrome Frame may be a double-edged blade
03 October 2009
Nikhil Rungta joins Google India as marketing head
24 September 2009
Google wins first round in trademarks battle against Louis Vuitton
23 September 2009
Google dominates internet landscape in India and Brazil: comScore
16 September 2009
Google's Fast Flip to aded to print media revenues
16 September 2009
Google China head starts $115-million venture to fund net start-ups
08 September 2009
Google signs Chrome browser deal with Sony
01 September 2009
Google, Airbus to increase brand awareness
25 August 2009
YouTube, Time Warner in video clips pact with CNN, TNT
20 August 2009
Google to acquire video firm On2 for $106.5 million
06 August 2009
Google chief, Eric Schmidt resigns from Apple board
04 August 2009
Microsoft, Yahoo! agree on joint search
29 July 2009
Microsoft, Yahoo! near deal on search partnership: Report
29 July 2009
Time Warner buys back Google’s stake in AOL for $283 million
28 July 2009
Google unveils campaign for New York City
22 July 2009
Google Earth marks moon landing with lunar map, imagery
21 July 2009
Google's Q2 revenue seen rising to $5.49 billion
16 July 2009
Rosetta Stone sues Google over trademark violation
11 July 2009
Google to challenge Microsoft's Windows with new Chrome OS
08 July 2009
Google digital books settlement goes for antitrust inquiry
04 July 2009
Google to educate ad agencies on digital advertising
24 June 2009
Google invests another $2.6 million in Brin's wife's biotech startup firm
19 June 2009
Geodesic moves to leverage Android mobile platform with Mundu
18 June 2009
HP tests Android-based mobile social network
16 June 2009
Acer to reenter mobile segment with smartphones on Google's Android platform
16 June 2009
Google's book scanning project runs into legal hurdles
10 June 2009
Google named world’s most valuable global brand
30 May 2009
Google's 'Street View' now runs into problems in Germany
22 May 2009
Google decides against newspaper acquisition
21 May 2009
Yell teams up with Google to launch search marketing for advertisers
15 May 2009
Google says AdSense will help publishing industry
07 May 2009
Google tops best places Australia employers list
30 April 2009
Google book scan project draws Dept of Justice's attention
30 April 2009
Google’s ‘Street View’ cleared by UK privacy watchdog
23 April 2009
Google unveils new products from Google Labs
22 April 2009
YouTube begins redesign to attract advertisers
18 April 2009
Google reports slower growth amidst slowdown
18 April 2009
Hotmail follows Gmail in panicking users
13 April 2009
YouTube, Universal team up to launch premium music video site
11 April 2009
British villagers stop vehicle taking photographs for Google Street View
04 April 2009
Google reportedly in talks to buy Twitter
03 April 2009
Google establishes venture capital fund to discover the “next big thing”
31 March 2009
Google trims 200 sales and marketing positions
28 March 2009
Google allows senders to pull back sent Gmails
24 March 2009
Google - WPP marketing research awards programme bestows 11 grants
23 March 2009
Interactive Avenues become Google Analytics consultant
21 March 2009
Privacy group appeals to FTC for Google probe
18 March 2009
Facebook unveils new look with optional privacy settings
18 March 2009
Google appoints Dennis Woodside as VP, Americas
18 March 2009
Google Earth aids Londoner to steal metal worth £100,000
16 March 2009
Google launches Google Voice
12 March 2009
Google moves to gear ads to user behaviour
12 March 2009
YouTube pulls the plug on music videos in the UK
10 March 2009
Google Docs experiences a privacy glitch
10 March 2009
Bangladesh blocks access to YouTube
09 March 2009
Google expands its AdSense with expandable ads
07 March 2009
YouTube crosses the million user mark in January
06 March 2009
Google and Yahoo set guidelines in Britain
04 March 2009
Google News searches to show advertisements
28 February 2009
Google teams up with Opera to challenge Microsoft supremacy
26 February 2009
Google shuffles top management at its philanthropic arm
25 February 2009
Google explains cause of Gmail failure
25 February 2009
Gmail failure sparks online panic
24 February 2009
Google refutes UK tabloid’s story on Atlantis existence
23 February 2009
Google Earth maps CO2 emissions
23 February 2009
Facebook volte face on new user terms
18 February 2009
Internet search company files anti-trust suit against Google
18 February 2009
After closing down Print Ads, Google exits Audio Ads programme
13 February 2009
Google developing power-saving software tool
13 February 2009
Google licenses Microsoft know-how for new synchronisation software
10 February 2009
Gmail introduces Multiple Inboxes, may surpass Hotmail by year-end
09 February 2009
Now read your favourite books on your mobile, courtesy Amazon and Google
07 February 2009
Google spreads internet knowledge through 'internet bus' in Tamil Nadu
07 February 2009
Google's AOL stake in distress
05 February 2009
Latest version of Google Earth allows you to explore Mars, oceans
04 February 2009
Swiss authorities use Google Earth for drug bust
02 February 2009
Move over Windows, GDrive is coming!
27 January 2009
New York uses Google applications to guide tourists in the city
22 January 2009
Google cancels print ad programme
21 January 2009
Google cuts down on staff and operations
15 January 2009
Google defends its carbon footprint
13 January 2009
Google searches generate 1,400 tonnes of CO2 daily: report
12 January 2009
14 new members boast the Android Phone alliance
12 December 2008
Call for ban on 'Google Earth'
09 December 2008
Google enters into agreement with advertisers
06 December 2008
Google, Apple, Amazon, Nintendo in Best Global Brands in 2008
02 December 2008
Google slashing contractor jobs
28 November 2008
Market ponders over Yahoo's options
24 November 2008
Google's YouTube to screen MGM feature fims
11 November 2008
Google-Yahoo adventure ends after warning by US dept of justice
06 November 2008
Google, Yahoo trying to delink!
31 October 2008
Google and WPP to fund grant program to support research
31 October 2008
Google settles with publishers; to pay $125 million
29 October 2008
Russian authorities block Google’s acquisition of online advertising company
27 October 2008
Google unveils mail application to help prevent drunken gaffes
11 October 2008
On its 10th anniversary, Google kicks off Project 10^100
27 September 2008
Visa to develop payment applications for Google, Nokia phones
26 September 2008
What is wrong with Google Chrome?
25 September 2008
US antitrust group supports Google-Yahoo deal
24 September 2008
Android operating system to power Google's first mobile handset, G1
22 September 2008
Google and GE to collaborate on promoting renewable energy
22 September 2008
Google phone set for Tuesday launch
20 September 2008
Google to start advertising on Yahoo sites from 11 October
18 September 2008
US regulators open investigation into UAL stock crash
13 September 2008
Google moves into TV advertising; strikes pact with NBC Universal
09 September 2008
Advertisers opposes Yahoo-Google ad deal; authorities may take antitrust action
09 September 2008
Google to make newspaper from yesteryears available again
09 September 2008
Browser Wars: How does Chrome rank against the competition?
08 September 2008
Google gets world's highest-resolution imagery from GeoEye-1
08 September 2008
Google launches own internet browser 'Google Chrome'
02 September 2008
Google introduces Map Maker in India
27 August 2008
Verizon close to mobile search deal with Google: report
22 August 2008
Google invests $10.25 million in geothermal energy technology
20 August 2008
Google sued for patent infringement by California-based software developer
19 August 2008
Google India in legal tangles
16 August 2008
Google apologises for problems with its Gmail service
13 August 2008
Google, Yahoo allow users to opt out of targeted advertisements
09 August 2008
Google sells Performics search-marketing unit to advertising giant Publicis
07 August 2008
Google launches free music service in China
07 August 2008
Google launches news and transliteration in Tamil
05 August 2008
Google contemplates separate venture capital arm
31 July 2008
Italian PM's TV firm sues YouTube, Google for copyright infringement
31 July 2008
Google gears up for a “Cuil” challenge
30 July 2008
Google Web index hits one trillion mark
26 July 2008
Google CEO Eric Schmidt bats for “independent” Yahoo, slams Microsoft’s bid
12 July 2008
Google turns the Internet “Lively” with its latest offering
10 July 2008
SMS has competition; enter New Google Talk for iPhone
05 July 2008
Google ordered to release YouTube user data to Viacom in $1-billion lawsuit
04 July 2008
Google set to bridge PC-TV divide with new application media server
28 June 2008
New Google service launched for advertisers – to help anticipate website demographics
25 June 2008
Icahn coming around to Google-Yahoo deal?
16 June 2008
Microsoft opposes Yahoo-Google deal, reveals another rejected stake plus search offer
14 June 2008
Yahoo strikes $800-million ad deal with Google, ends talks with Microsoft
13 June 2008
Google co-founder Sergey Brin books $5-million seat in space flight for 2011
12 June 2008
Google moves from cyber to outer space - signs up with NASA to build 40-acre R&D centre
07 June 2008
Google showcases mobile operating system Android
31 May 2008
Facebook-Google web applications war hots up as AOL joins the search leader
30 May 2008
Belgian newspapers seek $77 million damages from Google for copyright violation
28 May 2008
Google prepares to boost advertising revenue in India with appointment of new business heads
26 May 2008
Microsoft to buy internet search with Cashback to 'get Google'
22 May 2008
Google launches online medical records service in US
20 May 2008
Google adds Hindi to list of languages supported by its Translate feature
17 May 2008
Google makes faces in its Street View photos unrecognisable
16 May 2008
Google keen to expand ties with Yahoo
09 May 2008
Google brings YouTube to India
08 May 2008
Google to push alliance with Yahoo!
26 April 2008
Yahoo to test Google AdSense; in alliance talks with AOL
10 April 2008
Google clears last hurdle to acquire DoubleClick; Closes deal for $3.1 billion
12 March 2008
Murdoch backs out of Yahoo! battle
11 March 2008
Google well positioned to enter the personal health record market: Datamonitor
08 March 2008
Bharti joins consortium to build high-speed data network
26 February 2008
Yahoo! likely to rebuff Microsoft and look for more ‘compatible’ suitors
11 February 2008
Microsoft – Yahoo! nightmare gives Google sleepless nights
04 February 2008
Google offers support to Yahoo to thwart Microsoft bid
04 February 2008
Google gets US regulatory nod for DoubleClick deal
21 December 2007
Google set to move into telcom space, to bid for wireless spectrum
01 December 2007
Google joins hunt for cheap renewable energy
29 November 2007
Online firm funded by Google offers DNA testing for $999
22 November 2007
AT&T will buy advertising technology firm Ingenio, compete with Google
21 November 2007
Google's Android operating system enters the mobile phone market
17 November 2007
Google's Android operating system enters the mobile phone market
10 November 2007
Google boosts its venture capital investments in India
29 October 2007
Google steps into Space, offers prize for moon buggy
19 October 2007
Google acquires Finnish social networking service Jaiku
10 October 2007
Google SMS launched in India
09 October 2007
Google introduces Google Gadget Ads, AdSense for mobile
20 September 2007
Google calls for internet privacy safeguards
17 September 2007
Google launches India Labs, local search and local business centre
20 August 2007
American Airlines sues Google over search words
18 August 2007
Airtel, Google in broadband tie-up
07 August 2007
Google ranked fastest growing brand: Interbrand survey
28 July 2007
Google wants airwave auction with resale condition
21 July 2007
Google sued by Australian regulator over sponsored links
12 July 2007
Google to acquire e-mail service firm Postini for $625 million
09 July 2007
Google acquires GrandCentral
04 July 2007
eBay pulls out advertisements from Google
16 June 2007
Viacom sues YouTube, seeks $1 billion damages for copyright violations
15 March 2007
Dr Google to the rescue
21 November 2006
Azim Premji outranks Google, eBay founders in Forbes''s IT rich list
24 August 2006
Google to offer AP online
05 August 2006
Checkout Google for online transactions
29 June 2006
Is a boycott of Yahoo! and Google realistic?
29 March 2006
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