Exxon Mobil released pollutants from Baytown, Texas refinery
30 August 2017
Exxon knew about global warming, but misled public: study
24 August 2017
Exxon sues US govt after $2-mn fine over Russian dealings
21 July 2017
Exxon climate numbers ‘may be a sham’ : New York official
05 June 2017
Shareholders force Exxon to be more forthcoming on global-warming disclosure
02 June 2017
Exxon Mobil to buy a refining and petrochemical plant in Singapore for reported $1.7 bn
11 May 2017
Exxon Mobil seeks US waiver of sanctions to drill in Black Sea: reports
20 April 2017
ExxonMobil in talks to buy refining-petrochemical complex in Singapore
05 April 2017
ExxonMobil acknowledges loss of Tillerson's pseudonymous emails
23 March 2017
Rex Tillerson used email alias as Exxon chief, court told
14 March 2017
ExxonMobil to buy 25% in Mozambique LNG project from Italy's Eni for $2.8 bn
09 March 2017
ExxonMobil plans to invest $20 bn to expand manufacturing
07 March 2017
Ireland’s DCC to buy ExxonMobil's Norwegian retail petrol station network for $293 mn
07 February 2017
Exxon CEO's appointment as secretary of state faces Senate hurdle
14 December 2016
Exxon Mobil chief executive Rex Tillerson emerges top candidate for secretary of state
10 December 2016
Exxon, Saudi minister differ on need for more oil investments
20 October 2016
Exxon Mobil accounting practices under scanner
17 September 2016
ExxonMobil to buy InterOil Corp for more than $2.5 bn, Oil Search abandons bid
22 July 2016
Exxon Mobil’s Canadian unit Imperial Oil to sell remaining Esso fuel stations for $2.1 bn
09 March 2016
New York State to probe climate change disclosure by ExxonMobil
06 November 2015
Rosneft, Exxon jointly bid for Mozambique oil fields
31 July 2015
Exxon rejects fracking operations caused Texas earthquakes
12 June 2015
Berkshire Hathaway exits Exxon Mobil
19 February 2015
Eight major projects came online last year: Exxon Mobil
03 February 2015
Microsoft pips Exxon to become world's second-most valuable company
15 November 2014
Exxon-Mobil CEO wants ban on US crude oil exports scrapped
06 October 2014
Exxon's West African drilling plans hit by Ebola outbreak
06 October 2014
Russia’s Rosneft, ExxonMobil start joint drilling despite US sanctions
11 August 2014
US sanctions likely to hurt Exxon’s Arctic plans
30 April 2014
Exxon and Shell in legal limbo as Crimea may join Russia
12 March 2014
ExxonMobil to cut capital spending by 6 per cent this year
06 March 2014
Sanctions to hurt ExxonMobil's exploration prospects in Russia
06 March 2014
Google briefly overtakes ExxonMobil as world's 2nd most valuable company
08 February 2014
Exxon's Mobil brand to return to Australian petrol pumps four years after sale
10 January 2014
Rosneft, ExxonMobil to establish Arctic Research Centre
12 June 2013
ExxonMobil, BHP to develop world's largest floating LNG plant
02 April 2013
ExxonMobil hires Barclays to sell part stake in Hong Kong’s Castle Peak Power: report
08 March 2013
Rosneft acquires 30 % stake in ExxonMobil’s Gulf of Mexico blocks
07 March 2013
Canada approves ExxonMobil's $3.1-bn Celtic Exploration deal
21 February 2013
Rosneft, ExxonMobil sign lucrative hydrocarbon deals
16 February 2013
ExxonMobil profit falls short of record
02 February 2013
Iraqi PM, Exxon chief meet to discuss, energy major’s plans in Iraq
22 January 2013
ExxonMobil moves ahead with $14-bn Hebron project in Canada
07 January 2013
BHP Billiton, ExxonMobil to spend $1 billion on excess carbon treatment at new gas fields in Victoria
15 December 2012
ExxonMobil's PNG LNG project cost jumps to $19 bn
14 November 2012
ExxonMobil seeks to exit from $50-bn West Qurna-1 oilfield project in Iraq
08 November 2012
Exxon Mobil posts Q3 profit of $9.57 billion
02 November 2012
ExxonMobil to acquire Canadian oil and gas company Celtic Exploration for $3.1 billion
17 October 2012
ExxonMobil to buy Bakken shale assets from Denbury Resources for $1.6 bn
21 September 2012
ExxonMobil to invest $37 bn annually for next five years
27 July 2012
Exxon to expand under construction corporate campus
08 June 2012
Rosneft, ExxonMobil formalise joint venture
13 April 2012
ExxonMobil pays Scotland record $4.3-mn fine for failing to report CO2 emissions
21 February 2012
Warren Buffett hikes stake in media and tech, exits from ExxonMobil
15 February 2012
Apple's value beats sum of Google + Microsoft, overtakes ExxonMobil
13 February 2012
ExxonMobil to sell Japanese refining subsidiary for $3.9 bn
30 January 2012
ExxonMobil mulls $10.9-bn takeover of Gulf Keystone: report
19 December 2011
Hybrids will account for 50 per cent of cars by 2040: Exxon Mobil
10 December 2011
Apache Corp to buy ExxonMobil's North Sea assets for $1.75 bn
21 September 2011
ExxonMobil, Rosneft sign $3.2 billion Russian Arctic exploration deal
31 August 2011
ExxonMobil served deadline to clean Yellowstone River oil spill
09 July 2011
Gail, ONGC eye ExxonMobil’s part stake in Kashagan oil field for $5 bn
08 June 2011
Shell, Exxon post hefty profit increase on higher oil prices
29 April 2011
ExxonMobil posts 53 per cent quarterly profit rise
01 February 2011
ExxonMobil and Rosneft to jointly develop oil and gas in Black Sea
27 January 2011
Exxon Mobil to hive off XTO’s North Sea oil and gas assets
13 January 2011
ONGC bids for Exxon Mobil's stake in Block 31 in Angola
10 December 2010
WikiLeaks: Falklands oil insufficient for Exxon
06 December 2010
ExxonMobil, Pertamina ink deal to develop Indonesian gas field
06 December 2010
ExxonMobil to sell some Gulf of Mexico Shelf assets to Energy XXI for $1.01-bn
22 November 2010
Apple tipped to topple Exxon Mobil as the world’s most valuable company
04 October 2010
Ghana rejects Kosmos stake sale in Jubilee oil field to ExxonMobil
19 August 2010
ExxonMobil considering a $100-billion gamble on BP?
12 July 2010
Exxon’s $15-billion Papua LNG project clears final snags
15 March 2010
Iraq signs West Qurna Phase One oilfield contracts with Exxon, Shell
25 January 2010
Gazprom looks to ExxonMobil for Sakhalin-1 gas
28 December 2009
ExxonMobil to acquire XTO Energy for $41 billion
15 December 2009
Exxon-led group to develop $15-billion PNG LNG project
09 December 2009
Tokyo Electric Power inks gas import agreement with Exxon
07 December 2009
ExxonMobil, Shell bag Iraqi West Qurna oilfield contract
06 November 2009
Exxon to acquire Kosmos Energy’s stake in Ghana oil field for $4 billion
07 October 2009
Chevron says partners Exxon, Shell approve Gorgon LNG Project
14 September 2009
Australia’s Gorgon gas project clears important approvals hurdle
01 September 2009
Oil Search to sell stake in Exxon's PNG LNG to Abu Dhabi firm
25 August 2009
$50 billion Gorgon LNG project awaits Australian environment ministry clearance
22 August 2009
ExxonMobil liable for $1 billion fine in Texas
20 July 2009
ExxonMobil, TransCanada JV to build $26 billion Alaska pipeline
15 June 2009
Caltex to acquire Mobil service stations for $300 million
28 May 2009
Exxon Mobil, Petronet reach LNG supply deal
08 May 2009
ExxonMobil caps Wal-Mart; Nooyi remains on top in Fortune list
20 April 2009
ExxonMobil to invest $150 billion in 6 Years
06 March 2009
Exxon rides oil price roller coaster; post record profits
31 January 2009
Exxon Mobil posts record $14.8 billion Q3 profit
30 October 2008
Exxon to pay $383 million as part of the damages for Alaska oil spill
27 August 2008
Record oil prices send Exxon and Shell quarterly profits to record highs
01 August 2008
Exxon Valdez oil-spill award slashed to $507.5 Million by US Court
26 June 2008
Exxon Mobil shareholders defeat pro environment resolutions
29 May 2008
Exxon's latest plans for development of Alaskan gas field rejected
23 April 2008
UK court rules against Exxon in Venezuela asset freeze case
19 March 2008
Exxon Mobil accused of judicial terrorism as it wins court verdict for freezing $12 billion of Venezuelan assets
09 February 2008
ExxonMobil launches first licensed olgone unit in Thailand
02 August 2007
ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips to exit Venezuela
27 June 2007
ExxonMobil claims 15-20 per cent improvement in energy efficiency at its plants
28 April 2007
Exxon Mobil's 2006 profits up at $39.5 billion
02 February 2007
Exxon faces flak on reporting highest profits in US history
28 October 2005
BP, Chevron and ExxonMobil eye Reliance gas find
18 October 2005
Exxon Mobil acquires stake in Petronet LNG
20 January 2004
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