Avestha Gengraine Technologies
Avesthagen sets up joint venture with Sava Medica to sell nutraceuticals
31 October 2011
Avesthagen gets US patents for eco-friendly gene marker technology, sunflower synthesis
21 June 2011
Avesthagen receives patent for packaged-food carton
22 January 2010
Avesthagen Limited launches nutritional botanical bioactive supplements
21 February 2008
Avesthagen subsidiary signs agreement with Biotech Corp
04 June 2007
US equity firm Jacob Ballas to buy stake in Avesthagen
10 April 2007
Avesthagen launches community genealogical project for novel therapies
20 March 2007
Danone rebuts Wadia claim on Press Note 1
05 February 2007
Avesthagen IP model achieves valuation of Euro 115 million
24 January 2007
Kerala Govt, Avestha Gengraine sign MoU for biotech promotion
28 August 2003
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