AT&T bringing GigaPower Internet to Cupertino
21 August 2014
AT&T, DirecTV claim net benefit to consumers from merger
13 June 2014
AT&T to buy US satellite-television provider DirecTV for $48.5 bn
19 May 2014
AT&T in advanced talks to buy DirecTV in over $50-bn deal
13 May 2014
Honeywell Aerospance to develop hardware for AT&Tís in-flight connectivity services
29 April 2014
AT& T gains with users opting for smartphone installment plans
23 April 2014
AT&T completes acquisition of prepaid carrier Leap Wireless
15 March 2014
Massive protests mark ĎDay We Fight Backí against NSA spying
12 February 2014
T-Mobile wins case against AT&T's Aio using colour magenta
10 February 2014
AT&T not to bid for Vodafone for six months
28 January 2014
Verizon, AT&T shareholders demand more transparency over government data demands
22 November 2013
AT&T strikes $4.85-bn tower deal with Crown Castle
21 October 2013
AT&T to provide web connectivity to Tesla vehicles
19 October 2013
AT&T, T-Mobile encourage more frequent handset upgrades
17 July 2013
AT&T to acquire Leap Wireless for $1.2 bn
13 July 2013
Wipro ties up with AT&T for machine-to-machine solutions
07 May 2013
AT&T Joins HTC, Facebook to launch HTC First, designed around Facebook home
05 April 2013
Hacker awarded 41 month prison sentence over AT&T exploit
19 March 2013
AT&T mulls taking 25 % stake in Mukesh Ambaniís Jia infocomm for $3.5 bn: report
11 March 2013
AT&T reduces loss from record sales of smartphones
25 January 2013
AT&T to buy NextWave Wireless Inc for $600 mn
03 August 2012
AT&T to sell majority stake in Yellow Pages to Cerberus Capital for $950 mn
10 April 2012
AT&T in talks to sell Yellow Pages business to Cerberus Capital for $1.5 bn: report
09 March 2012
AT&T users complain throttling renders smartphones Ďuselessí
14 February 2012
AT&T drops proposed $39-bn T-Mobile USA takeover
20 December 2011
AT&T to take $4-bn charge as $39-bn T-Mobile merger nears collapse
25 November 2011
AT&T clocks over 200,000 bookings for iPhone 4S in 12 hours
10 October 2011
Sprint CEO slams AT&Tís T-mobile acquisition plans
16 April 2011
Verizon Wireless not interested in Sprint Nextel: Verizon CEO
22 March 2011
AT&T awaits regulatorsí nod for $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile
21 March 2011
AT&T to buy 4G spectrum licence from Qualcomm for $1.925 billion
21 December 2010
AT&T Completes Divestiture of Sterling Commerce to IBM
28 August 2010
AT&T posts 26 per cent surge in Q2 earnings; ups 2010 outlook
23 July 2010
AT&T inducts 2,000th alternative fuel vehicle in corporate fleet
15 July 2010
Reliance Comm mulling minority stake sale to AT&T?
07 June 2010
IBM to buy AT&Tís Sterling Commerce for $1.4 billion
24 May 2010
AT&T stake sale won't impact business: Tech Mahindra
28 April 2010
AT&T investing $1 billion to expand services worldwide
06 April 2010
AT&T says new healthcare norms will cost it $1 billion
27 March 2010
AT&T buys 8.07 per cent stake in Tech Mahindra for Rs160 crore
23 March 2010
Verizon cuts talk and text plan prices, AT&T follows suit
16 January 2010
AT&T to launch unlimited mobile plan for $60 per month in the US
12 October 2009
AT&T unveils line-up of full web browsing phones
05 October 2009
TomTom, AT&T to deliver 'Live' services on Connected GPS
29 September 2009
AT&T obtains injunctions against unauthorised prepaid mobile phone traffickers
14 July 2009
Verizon, AT&T swap assets in mandatory deal
09 May 2009
Verizon - AT&T spar over tie-up with Apple
30 April 2009
Saboteurs paralyse AT&T telecom, broadband
13 April 2009
AT&T to invest $565 million on green vehicles, Ford to benefit
12 March 2009
AT&T to invest $1 billion in global network in 2009
24 February 2009
Verizon completes Alltel deal; to surpass AT&T as USís largest mobile phone company
10 January 2009
AT&T to cut 12,000 jobs
04 December 2008
AT&T to buy rural rival Centennial for $944 million
08 November 2008
AT&Tís overdependence on the iPhone may pose some risks
24 October 2008
Apple, AT&T sell 1 million new iPhones in 3 days; users download 10 million applications
15 July 2008
Bharti in 15-nation AT&T consortium to build high-bandwidth Europe India Gateway undersea cable system
07 May 2008
AT&T first to introduce Microsoft Surface in retail stores
18 April 2008
Shell signs $4 billion outsourcing deal with AT&T, EDS and T-Systems
01 April 2008
AT&T eyeing stake in Videocon's telecom subsidiary Datacom
17 March 2008
AT&T plans to invest $1 billion in networks and services
06 March 2008
AT&T in hosting agreement with SAP America; named preferred SAP hosting provider
19 February 2008
AT&T looking for stake in Telekom Malaysia International
02 January 2008
Klausner Technologies sues Apple, AT&T over iPhoneís visual voicemail feature
05 December 2007
Will the payphone survive? AT&T to sell off its 65,000 remaining payphones
05 December 2007
EchoStar shares go stratospheric on AT&T takeover rumours
24 November 2007
AT&T will buy advertising technology firm Ingenio, compete with Google
21 November 2007
AT&T restructures Asia Pacific business, announces new India Executive
02 November 2007
Seamless IT and communications networks key to global business expansion: AT&T- EIU survey
04 October 2007
AT&T to acquire Dobson Communications for $2.8 billion
30 June 2007
AT&T projects strong revenue growth for India
19 April 2007
AT&T, America Movil seek stake in Telecom Italia
02 April 2007
AT&T wins $1 billion global networking contract from General Motors
26 February 2007
AT&T''s $85-billion acquisition of BellSouth approved
30 December 2006
AT&T to deliver U-Verse on existing cable network
08 December 2006
AT&T set to come back into ILD services
09 August 2006
AT&T mega-merger pressures rivals
07 March 2006
AT&T sued over allegedly divulging customer information
04 February 2006
AT&T begins life afresh with a new corporate logo
21 November 2005
Baby Bell SBC acquires AT&T
19 November 2005
Top execs fear security threats from IP convergence : AT&T-EIU survey
09 November 2005
Network convergence strengthens competitive advantage: AT&T-EIU global executive survey
06 October 2005
AT&T wins Wipro deal
07 October 2004
AT&T upbeat about the Indian networking and business communications market
02 September 2004
AT&T, SWIFT conclude global network access agreement
14 March 2003
AT&T sells rest of wireless
26 December 2001
AT&T, Comcast create cable behemoth
20 December 2001
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