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31 July 1999

Acrylic fibre
The group has a significant presence in acrylic fibre production in South East Asia. The group's Thai Acrylic Fibre Company has been involved with the production of acrylic fibre since 1987 in technical collaboration with Japan Exlan & Co. Ltd. and Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. of Japan.

This venture has a production capacity of 57,000 tonnes per annum.

Aluminium / alumina
The group's Hindalco Industries Ltd is India's largest aluminium producer. Its unit at Renukoot in Uttar Pradesh has been operational since 1962 and accounted for about 44 per cent of India's total aluminium production in the year ended March 1999.

Hindalco's product range includes primary aluminium sold as ingots, billets, rolling ingots and redraw rods as well as rolled products, extrusions and aluminium foil. The company also markets aluminium alloy wheels.

The company exports its products to Bangladesh, Singapore, Taiwan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and South Korea. The Middle East is an important destination for its value added products, and the company is targeting exports to Europe and America as well as Oceania and Africa.

The end-users of Hindalco's products include the electrical and electronics industries, packaging, general engineering, consumer durables, aluminium powder and chemicals.

Caustic soda / chlor alkali
The Aditya Birla group is among the largest Indian caustic soda producers. Its three plants at Nagda in Madhya Pradesh, Palamau in Bihar, and Veraval in Gujarat have an aggregate capacity of over 2.7 lakh tpa. The group's 35,000 tpa caustic soda plant in Thailand commenced production in 1998.

The group, which has been in caustic soda since 1972, makes the commodity in lye form as well as flakes to meet diverse end use needs. Sales are concentrated in the states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. The Nagda plant also makes stable bleaching powder, poly-ammonium chloride chloro-sulphonic acid, and edible grade hydrogen gas.

Carbon black
The group entered the carbon black business in 1980 with its first plant in Thailand. Eight years later, it built another plant at Renukoot in Uttar Pradesh. In 1994 the group commenced carbon black production in Alexandria in Egypt.

After its new plant at Goomidipoondi near Chennai going on stream, the AV Birla group's carbon black capacity has expanded to 3.1 lakh tpa.

With over 4 per cent of global capacity, the group is the 6th largest player in carbon black in the world. Its subsidiary Thai Carbon Black is the largest producer of carbon black in South East Asia and Alexandria Carbon Black is the only carbon black producer in Egypt. Its Indian Rayon and Industries is the second largest producer in India.

Carbon black is used extensively in the tyre industry to strengthen rubber. It is also used as a pigment in printing inks, coatings, plastics, fibres and paper. The group makes various grades of carbon black to meet the varied requirements of different users. Its customers include leading tyre companies all over Asia, Middle East and Europe.

The A V Birla group entered the cement business in 1984 and is today the second largest cement manufacturer in India. It has four grey cement plants at Malkhed in Karnataka, Jawad and Raipur in Madhya Pradesh, and Shambhupura in Rajasthan. In 1988 they commenced manufacturing White Cement at Kharia Khangar (Rajasthan).

The group's product range in cement includes ordinary portland cement (33,43 and 53 grades), pozzolona portland cement, slag cement, sulphate resistant cement (customised for use in coastal areas), and white cement (used in mosaic tiles, terrazzo flooring, cement pits, agglomerated marble and pavement construction). The group's brands are Vikram Premium Cement, Rajashree Cement, Birla Super Cement, and Birla White. Its cement distribution network covers nearly all of India.

The group has launched the Birla Super Shoppee network all over India -- "a one stop cement shop where specialised service staff provide architectural and structural inputs", guiding customers to buy the cement they need.

Copper cathodes
The group has built India's largest copper smelting complex at Dahej in Gujarat, with an annual capacity of 1 lakh tpa. The complex has a continuous cast rod plant with a capacity of 80,000 tpa. The complex has captive power facilities.

For its copper operations the group has technology collaboration with Outokumpu of Finland for the smelter and MIM of Australia for the refinery.

Engineers' steel files
The A V Birla group's HGI Industries runs the world's largest single-location files' unit near Calcutta, which makes a variety of files used in engineering, carpentry, forestry, and agriculture. These files are used for filing slots, keyways, for filing general surfaces, for sharpening chain saw teeth, reapers' knives, matches and hoes as well as for woodwork. The company exports nearly half of its files to over 40 countries. 

Epoxy resins
Thai Epoxy and Allied Products Company, the AV Birla group's joint venture with Nissho Iwai and Tohto Kasei of Japan produces epoxy resins in Thailand. Epoxy resins are used as inputs for industrial protective coatings, marine and container paints, powder coatings, can coating, adhesives and electrical castings. The brominated resins made by this venture are used in printed circuit boards in the electronics industry.

The group produces over 35 different grades of epoxy resins and markets them under the EPOTEC trademark in over 30 countries in Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia.

The group has two export organisations, Birla International Marketing Corporation, based in New Delhi, and Global Exports and Marketing, based in Calcutta.

BIMC trades in a wide range of products: agro-commodities (coffee, spices, groundnut, sesame seed, rice, soya extract, pulses, dry fruits, etc.), chemicals, fertilisers, coal, bulk drugs, agro products, engineering products, and construction materials. It has branches in Dubai, Mumbai, Calcutta, Bangalore, Kochi, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad, and customers in 44 countries in Europe, USA, Australia, Africa and Asia.

Global Exports specialises in the export of tea and offers various services -- from manufacturing, tasting, buying, blending, and shipping to anywhere in the world.

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