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UK to introduce new laws to roll out driverless cars

01 February 2017

UK transport secretary Chris Grayling has announced robotic driver-less cars will ''soon'' be tested on UK streets.

New laws designed to deal with the complex legal problems around autonomous automobiles would be introduced in the UK, he said.

''One of the issues as we develop driverless cars in this country is, if they crash who is responsible and if you are not driving the car, how can you be responsible if it's driving itself?" Grayling asked in an interview with The Birmingham Mail.

''So we are going to be publishing legislation shortly that will clarify exactly how that should work in the UK.

''Basically I want the UK to be seen internationally as a really good place to test this technology, so we will take sensible steps to make sure that's possible without putting the public at risk.''

He added that driverless cars would likely be introduced to slowly, but steadily.

Motorists would first get used to systems which controlled their cars when it was on the motorways or other straight forward roads, before their motor eventually became fully automated.

At the CES show, earlier this year, visitors flocked to see cars which could drive themselves.

The giant Toyota boot attracted many to see the firm's Concept-i car, which could be controlled by voice commands rather than screen and buttons.

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